Friday, September 28, 2007

Rejoice, Couch Potahtos!

My fave shows are back!!!

I haven’t seen the first episode of House yet, but the pilot of Heroes and the first two episodes of Prison Break were just awesome!

There’s no point to this post really, except to give me a just-about-reasonable excuse to post this:

You know what else is awesome? FOXTROT.


k a r e n said...


I was glad to have been able to watch the very first episode of the 2nd season of Heroes last week! I wonder what they're up against this time!

And who killed Hiro's dad?

jela said...

If we're to believe Mohinder, there's a virus that kills people with extra-ordinary powers, like the one that killed his sister.

I can't believe they would kill Hiro's dad! Not when he was still waiting for Hiro! I have a guess on the identity of the killer but I hope I'm wrong!

I really hope the show would not suffer a sophomore jinx a la Lost. Can't wait to download the next epi, thanks to Bit Torrent! =)