Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes When We Touch

Me: Alam niyo ba ibig sabihin nung song na “Sometimes When We Touch”?
Officemates: Uuhh…
Officemate 1: Uh, eh di, uh… sometimes when we touch!
Officemate 2: Eh bat mo tinatanong?
Me: Wala lang, di ko kasi ma-gets yung relation nung sometimes when we touch sa umpisa.
Officemate 3: Pano ba umpisa?
Me: You asked me if I loved you, and I choked on my reply…
Officemate 1: Ouch, ang sakit naman!
Me: I’d rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie... So ibig sabihin hindi niya na mahal?
Officemate 2: Oo nga.
Officemate 3: Eh bakit nagto-touch pa din sila?
Officemate 1: Sometimes na nga lang eh.
Officemate 2: Pero hindi na nga nila love ang isa’t isa…
Me. Kaya nga when they touch, the honesty’s too much, di ba? And I have to close my eyes and hide.
Officemate 1: So ano yun touching pa din?
Officemate 2: Pero close naman ang eyes para hindi makita na hindi na love.
Me: Ganon ba interpretation dun? Eh bakit sabi niya I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides? Bat siya natatakot?
Officemate 1: Uh…
Me: Anlabo ng kanta.
Officemate 3: Ewan ko sa yo. Nag-overanalyze ka na naman.

So who wants to take a stab at the song’s meaning?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Movie Quiz

- Pick 17 of your favourite movies.
- Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
- Post them here for everyone to guess.
- Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
- NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

01. I appreciate this whole seduction thing you've got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing. - Pretty Woman (c/o Jen)

02. If it was forty below and that button meant the difference between a long satisfying life and a cold horrible death from hypothermia, I still wouldn't give you the satisfaction! Skate! - The Cutting Edge (c/o Karen)

03. And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the seeker of serenity, the protector of Italian virginity, the enforcer of our Lord God, the one, the only, Sir Ulllrrrich von Lichtenstein! - A Knight's Tale (c/o Karen)

04. My desert island, all-time, top-five most memorable breakups, in chronological order, are as follows: Alison Ashmore; Penny Hardwick; Jackie Alden; Charlie Nicholson; and Sarah Kendrew. Those were the ones that really hurt. Can you see your name on that list, Laura? Maybe you'd sneak into the top ten. But there's just no room for you in the top five, sorry. Those places are reserved for the kind of humiliation and heartbreak you're just not capable of delivering.

05. You're being really immature... You have no reason to be mad at me, I mean, you know, you broke MY heart. I should be royally ticked off at you. I should be really cheesed off, I shouldn't want to talk to you anymore. - Juno (c/o Karen)

06. First off, let me just add another congratulations to Evan Backstabber - pardon me, Bastard. Baxter, rather. It is good to see what someone with real talent can do when great opportunities are given to them instead of me. Anyway, I'm here with Katherine Hepburn's mom. Tell me, why did you toss the "blue heart of the ocean" jewel over the railing of Titanic? Did you feel bad at all letting Leo DiCaprio drown, while you were safe floating on the big door? Could you have taken turns, or were you just too afraid to freeze your big fat ass off?

07. Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain... and an athlete… and a basket case… a princess… and a criminal…

08. No, sir, I have no experience but I'm a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I'd like to put more in that jar. That's where you come in. - The Wedding Singer (c/o Jen)

09. As I've gotten older, I realize I'm certain of only two things. Days that begin with rowing on a lake are better than days that do not. Second, a man's character is his fate.

10. I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories... The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something. The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers (c/o Karen - finally! hehehe...)

11. I'd say that she gets under your skin as soon as you meet her. She drives you so nuts you don't know whether to hug her or, or just really arm wrestle her. She would go all the way to Europe just to get a stamp in her passport. I don't know if that amounts to insanity, or just being really, really... likable. - While You Were Sleeping (c/o Jen)

12. No fucking shit, lady. Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?

13. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

14. Why gamble with money when you can gamble with people's lives? That was a joke. All right, I'll tell you. I believe in the notion that people are innocent until proven guilty. I believe in that notion because I choose to believe in the basic goodness of people. I choose to believe that not all crimes are committed by bad people. And I try to understand that some very, very good people do some very bad things.

15. "You believe a man can change his destiny?" "I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed."

16. If you find a mate in life, you should be loyal. In your case, grateful. - Ice Age (c/o Karen)

17. Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I got this project from another blog. In lieu of the usual resolutions (I know! About 2 months too late! But anyway...), I will start a list of the 50 books and 50 movies that I read and saw, respectively, this 2008. Since I started late, I will just include the ones I completed this Feb.

Want to make your own? Make up your own rules. In my case, I decided to include the re-reads and re-watched because I'm madaya that way. And don't forget to tell me about it!


07. Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
06. Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer *
05. High Fidelity - Nick Hornby *
04. Lost In A Good Book - Jasper Fforde *
03. The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials Book II - Philip Pullman
02. The Balance of Power - Richard North Patterson *
01. Your Momma Thinks Square Roots Are Vegetables (A Foxtrot Collection) - Bill Amend *


12. Super Bad
11. Juno
10. Karate Kid Part 2 *
09. Titanic *
08. Little Miss Sunshine
07. Seven *
06. Zodiac
05. Eastern Promises
04. Eight Below *
03. X-Men: The Last Stand *
02. She's The Man *
01. Hana Kimi **

* re-read or re-watched, as the case may be
** technically a Japanese television series, but it was worth 12+ straight hours of my life so I'm including it.

You know what I learned from this list? I definitely need to read more since I only read two new books so far this year.

I would update this list every now and then until I complete (or exceeded) the required number. Wish me luck!

I also realized that while the 50 movies may be easier to accomplish (Hello, HBO! Hello, Star Movies! Hello, MCS or Quiapo!) the 50 books may be a lot harder to complete (unless I just re-read all my stuff). So friends, will you let me borrow your books? :)

For you, a thousand times over...

Last Thursday night I decided to grab one of my still unread books to (finally) read until I fall asleep. I chose Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini thinking that it would be a tedious read and is therefore the right candidate to immediately put me into sleep.

It was about past 1 am and about one thirds through the novel that I decided to put the book down. Not because I was sleepy or bored, but because I was sobbing like crazy.

This is probably my biggest understatement of the year, but the book moved me. You know how it is in movies when you know that you’re about to see a dramatic scene because of the background music or through other elements in the movie? And how you can also feel the same thing while reading a book? Like a certain sentence or words act as your signal that your emotions are about to be tugged at? This time I didn’t even have a cue. I was reading this chapter and suddenly the tears came unbidden. I bypassed the welling up of tears, the choking feeling in my throat and went straight to sobbing my heart out. That’s the state I was in when I realized I have a special book in my hand.

It is a story of a man’s action and its consequences, told against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s tumultuous history. It’s about a boy and his friend and their complicated relationship – complicated because the protagonist is the master, a Pashtun and a Sunni Muslim while his friend is his servant, a Hazara and a Shi'a Muslim. It is about an unusual friendship and a friend's fierce loyalty that the other so often put into a test. It’s about a boy and his father and his need to make his father proud of him. It’s about a boy and his insecurities and cowardice, and how his own selfishness lead him to betray his friend, and how their society’s religious and political discrimination made the betrayal the easiest choice. It's about a man and the guilt he had to carry through his life, knowing that happiness is the price of his betrayal.

But more importantly, it is a story of redemption. As one of the characters said: “There’s a way to be good again”. But the path to goodness is long, arduous and treacherous.

The ending didn’t disappoint. I was hoping for a happy ending but what I got was even better. The narration was not overbearing or saccharine. The characters are very empathic. I also learned a lot about Afghanistan’s history, religion and culture and the discrimination among Muslims.

It’s a sad story, but it’s not a depressing one so I hope you give it a try. The movie version will also be shown this week so if you don't have time to read the novel, try to catch it in the big screen.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


One of the annoying aspects, for me, about Youtube is the large number of fanvids posted there. I find most of them, well, cheesy, and even if I have the talent or time to create a fanvid, I don’t think I’ll be posting one.


When I’m in the mood (read: currently pining for her object of obsession and does everything in her (and the internet’s) power to satisfy her addiction), I can appreciate a well done fanvid.

Like this:

What can I say? I really love this guy. :)

AI's Back!

I changed my mind. I'm no longer rooting for David Archuleta, he's just cheesy. I'm betting now on Jason Castro and his beautiful eyes!

He looks a bit like Zach dela Rocha, only cleaner hahaha. I wish he'd change his hairstyle because he's really cute.

My other faves so far are David Cook and Michael something from Australia. I still can't decide about the Noriega guy and Garrett. I'm a bit weirded out by them.

Glad that this cheesy show is back!


I saw a fooking ATM and I remembered you and one of our moments:

“Magte-test pa ko ng ATM, gusto mo ko samahan?”

It seem to have had happened in the distant past that I often wonder if I only dreamed of those times.

I hope I can see you again soon. You make me smile for days and I miss that feeling.

Shuffle, Schmuffle

Do I still have to explain the mechanics?! Questions. Music Player. Shuffle. Answer. Oh, you know the drill.

- If you reached the top of Mount Everest, you would shout:
“Clumsy” - Our Lady Peace (Brilliant! The clumsy has conquered the highest peak in the world!)

I’ll be waving my hand, watching you drown, watching you scream quiet or loud…

- The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
“You Get What You Give” – New Radicals (Don’t let go, you got the music in you!)

This whole damn world can fall apart, you’ll be ok follow your heart, you’re in harm’s way I’m right behind, now say you’re mine…

- Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
“One Step Closer” – Linkin Park (Ha! Shut up while I’m talking to you!)

All these words they make no sense, I found bliss in ignorance, the less you hear the less you’ll say, you’ll find out anyway…

- Your message to the world:
“Tea and Sympathy” – Jars Of Clay

Fare thee well, trade in all our words for tea and sympathy, wonder why we tried for things that could never be…

- When you think of your best friend you think:
“Lonely No More” – Rob Thomas

Now it seems to me that you know just what to say…

- Your deepest secret:
“Come Around” – Rhett Miller (Ouch?!)

Am I gonna be lonely for the rest of my life?

- Your innermost desire:
“Enter Sandman” - Metallica

I tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin, 'til the sandman he comes…

- Your oldest memory makes you think:
“Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” – Culture Club

Give me time to realize my crime… (Wala lang, hindi ko marelate yung song sa category eh!)

- Somewhere in your wedding vows, you should have included:
“About A Girl” – Nirvana (I Do!)

I’m standing in your line, I do hope you have the time…

- On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
“Upside Down” – Two Minds Crack

Baby you don’t understand, our love lies lost but you’re still holding my hand…

- Your friends say behind your back:
“You’re A God” – Vertical Horizon (I know! Hahaha!)

But I’ve been unable to put you down, I’m still learning things I ought to know by now…

- You say behind your friends' back:
“Where Did You Sleep Last Night” – Nirvana (Because my friends sleep around?!)

My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night…

- Your opinion of Blogging:
“Mad World” – Tears For Fears (It’s truly a mad, mad cyber world out there)

I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I ever had...

- When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
“Name” – Goo Goo Dolls

You grew up way too fast and now there’s nothing to believe, and re-runs all become our history…

- If you found yourself lost on a desert island, you'd yell:
“Trouble” - Shampoo

Oh oh! We’re in trouble!

- Right now, your feelings are:
“Crash Into Me” – Dave Matthews Band (I’m in stalker mode!)

Lost for you, I’m so lost for you, you come crash into me…

- What's your excuse for reposting this music survey?:
“Beat It” – Michael Jackson (Beat It! I want to post this and there’s nothing you can do about it!)

You wanna be tough, better do what you can, so beat it, but you wanna be bad...

- Your life's soundtrack:
“Perfect” – Smashing Pumpkins (Just perfect!)

Perfect, you know this has to be, we always were so free, we promised that we'd be perfect...

- The day you fell in love was the day that:
“You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” – Hall and Oates (Syeteks! The day I fell in love was the day he fell out of love?!)

You never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips...

- You Scream During Sex:
“Lithium” - Nirvana (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

I'm so horny, but that's okay, my will is good, yeah, yeah, yeah! I like it - I'm not gonna crack!

- Your farewell message to the readers of this music survey:
“One Way Or Another” - Blondie (one way or another, I know you'll be answering a meme of this sort, too!)

One way or another, I'm gonna win ya, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


You think I'm too addicted to Post-Its? Think again.

14 Days To Lurve - Day 14

Finally, the last entry for this series. I decided to come full circle so I will end this with another quote from Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity (actually the third quote fron the book). Well, not so much as a quote but almost an entire chapter! I hope you can see the romance behind the sort-of sarcastic exchange of dialogue. I just thought that this was the most romantic way to propose. Happy Valentines!

“Are you going to talk to me, or shall I get my paper out?”
“I’m going to talk to you.”
I swish the beer around so it’ll get really lime-y.
“What are you going to talk to me about?”
“I’m going to talk to you about whether you want to get married or not. To me.”
She laughs a lot. “Ha ha ha. Hoo hoo hoo.”
“I mean it.”
“I know.”
“Oh, well thanks a fucking bunch.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. But two days ago you were in love with that woman who interviewed you for the local paper, weren’t you?”
“Not in love exactly, but…”
“Well, forgive me if I don’t feel that you’re the world’s safest bet.”
“Would you marry if I was?”
“No, I shouldn’t think so.”
“Right. Ok, then. Shall we go home?”
“Don’t sulk. What’s brought all this on?”
“I don’t know.”
“Very persuasive.”
“Are you persuadable?”
“No. I don’t think so. I’m just curious about how one goes from making tapes for one person to marriage proposals to another in two days. Fair enough?”
“Fair enough.”
“I’m just sick of thinking about it all the time.”
“All what?”
“This stuff. Love and marriage. I want to think about something else.”
“I’ve changed my mind. That’s the most romantic thing I’ve heard. I do. I will.”
“Shut up. I’m only trying to explain.”
“Sorry. Carry on.”
“See, I’ve always been afraid of marriage because of, you know, ball and chain, and I want my freedom, all that. But when I was thinking of this stupid girl I suddenly saw it was the opposite: that if you got married to someone you know you love, and you sort yourself out, it frees you up for other things. I know you don’t know how you feel about me, but I do know how I feel about you. I know I want to stay with you and I keep pretending otherwise, to myself and to you, and we just limp on and on. It’s like we sign a new contract every few weeks or so, and I don’t want that anymore. And I know that if we got married I’d take it seriously, and I wouldn’t want to mess around.”
“And you can make a decision about it just like that, can you? In cold blood, bang bang, if I do that, then this will happen? I’m not sure that it works like that.”
“But it does, you see. Just because it’s a relationship, and it’s based on soppy stuff, it doesn’t mean you can’t make intellectual decisions about it. Sometimes you just have to, otherwise you’ll never get anywhere. That’s where I’ve been going wrong. I’ve been letting the weather and my stomach muscles and a great chord change in a Pretenders single make up my mind for me, and I want to do it for myself.”
“What d’you mean, maybe?”
“I mean, maybe you’re right. But that doesn’t help me, does it? You’re always like this. You work something out and everyone else has to fall in line. Were you really expecting me to say yes?”
“Dunno. Didn’t really think about it, really. It was the asking that was the important thing.”
“Well, you’ve asked.” But she says it sweetly, as if she knows that what I’ve asked is a nice thing, that is has some sort of meaning, even though she’s not interested. “Thank you.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay. I KNOW I was supposed to post my 14 Days ek ek on a daily basis. But I got lazy again – and that’s my only excuse! So let us all just pretend that I did post the entries as I should!


Do you have those days when you’re suddenly seized by a brilliant idea that you just have to – nay, need to – put it into action?

And yet not all your stupid brilliant idea translate too well into action. Hmmp.

Well, that’s putting it in very nice terms. What happened was that I had this idea to change my route on the way to the FX terminal in Ayala. (okay, so it was not really a brilliant idea…) For someone who got such a horrible sense of direction, it was a gutsy decision on my part. So I took the street parallel to the street that I usually pass through. By my own logic, it would still lead me to where I need to go, right?


I conveniently forgot that I was in Makati, where parallel streets don’t always stay parallel to the same streets. To put it simply, I got lost. I’ve walked for about 45 minutes before I finally turn up on the place where I need to be. That’s 45 minutes of walking on high heels! Good thing I have my trusty old iPod to keep me company.

Lesson learned? Never attempt an endeavor where the outcome depends on my sense of direction.


I love watching National Geographic. I don’t just learn different things:

1. The channel also inspires some philosophical thoughts – on one episode about lions, cheetahs and other members of the cat family, it was mentioned that their mating rituals are pretty quick and detached, and that they only do it for the survival of the species. It made me wonder: if it was the same case for us, humans, then sex and faithfulness won’t be such a big deal. But I want sex and faithfulness to mean something to me, so I’m glad we’re not cats.
2. The channel entertains like a good movie – I was touched by the episode on the history of the bridge on the River Kwai. I've been fascinated by both World War I and World War II for quite a long while (the W section of our old encyclopedia set was the most battered part because I used to read about WW1 and 2 on my spare time) but that was the first time I learned about the atrocities committed not just on the prisoners of war who were forced to build the bridge under harsh conditions but also on the other slaves and peasants who were innocent victims of the war. It made me feel ashamed that there were people who can hurt other people in such a cruel way, on such a grand scale.


“I can make believe I have everything but I can’t pretend that I don’t see, that without you, girl, my life is incomplete…”

Weird is when I sort of wish I have a boyfriend and that we have a major break up so that I can properly emote when I listen to this break up song.


This is my 300th post! Yay!

14 Days To Lurve - Day 13

He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her, and dropped his head in his hands. ‘It wasn’t supposed to be this way,’ he thought. He felt her shift on the bed again and place her hand on his arm. He loved her. Every time he had to leave her, his heart ached. Every time he saw her, his heart ached. All he wanted was to be with her. She consumed him in every way possible. She gently squeezed his arm, and he closed his eyes. He could lead her into the fires of hell and she would willingly follow.

Opening his eyes, he turned to look at her. He could see in her eyes that she loved him, there was no doubt. And it was because of this love he allowed himself to do something he had always forbidden himself to do – dream. His life had never been his so it was useless to dream, but when he held her, he realized he wanted his life to be his own. He allowed himself to dream of a future and in this future he saw himself walking with her, free. They were both free.

Forbidden Obsession - Corazon (an HP fanfiction from Ashwinder)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 12

I like being called his wife in the same way that I liked calling Lander my husband. It felt sort of tingly. I had the same feeling when I stared at my wedding ring. They say you get used to it but I hoped that they were wrong. Marriage, like spinach and opera, was something I never thought I would like. I changed my mind about opera when I was nine years old. My father took me to the first night of Madame Butterfly at Brescia. After the performance Dad cooked, while Puccini regaled me with hilarious stories and signed autograph books - from that day on I was a devoted fan. In the same way, it took being in love with Landen to make me change my mind about marriage. I found it exciting and exhilirating: two people, together, as one. It was where I was meant to be. I was happy; I was contented; I was fulfilled.

And spinach? Well, I'm still waiting.

Thursday Next, Lost In A Good Book - Jasper Fforde

Monday, February 11, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 11

And all of it, this whole grand obsession, carried on in the face of a racing heart, a turning gut, a frantic sense of resistance and disbelief. I shudder at random moments. I tell myself that this has not happened. This is a juvenile episode, a mind trick with deja vu. I grope around inside myself for the old reality. I say to myself that I will get up in the morning feeling unaffected, feeling right again and sane.

But I do not, of course, and the moments when I am with her, the anticipation, the appreciation is exquisite. I feel short of breath and giddy. I laugh too easily, too much. I do what I can to stay near her, show her a paper over her shoulder while she's at her desk, so that I can linger with the details of her person. And then, when I'm by myself, I feel desperate and ashamed. This raging, mad obsession! Where is my world? I am departing. I am gone already.

Presumed Innocent - Scott Turrow

Sunday, February 10, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 10

Well, it means you were right - that my leaving would be giving up on you, and I'm not quite prepared to do that just yet. But it also means that I need to know that you're not quite prepared to give up on me yet either... So, all that being said, I refer to the wall, with its hastily- yet adoringly-written S.O.S., which I guess kind of speaks for itself... I spent an hour and a half staring at this half-painted wall after we talked last night. Just staring and thinking. So, the way I figure it, it's your turn to stare now.

Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek Season 3 - "True Love"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 9

I can never go back to loving you the way I did, knowing that my love wasn't strong enough the first time around.

Pacey Witter, Dawson's Creek Season 3 - "Secrets and Lies"

Friday, February 8, 2008

14 Days To Love - Day 8

When two people were in love you had to leave them to it. Especially when you weren't in love and wished that you were. That could embarrass. That could hurt.

Ecstasy - Irvine Welsh

Thursday, February 7, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 7

You run the risk of losing anyone who is worth spending time with, unless you are so paranoid about lost that you choose someone unlosable, somebody who could not possibly appeal to anybody else at all. If you're going to go in for this stuff at all, you have to live with the possibility that it won't work out, that somebody is going to come along and upset you.

Rob Fleming, High Fidelity - Nick Hornby

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 6

Love is patient, love is kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.

1 Corinthians 13:4

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's On Your Pop Culture Bucket List?

This post is inspired by the film “The Bucket List”, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, two terminally ill old men who went on a road trip with their bucket list – list of things to do before they, you know, “kick the bucket”.

But, the catch here is that the things in your list should have references to pop culture – movies, celebrities, music, books, TV shows. (And yes, it doesn’t have to be achievable targets. That would be hard, wouldn’t it? I mean can you even imagine breathing the same air that your idol breathes in? Aaaannyway…)

I’m almost tempted to just list down the names of the celebrities I want to have sexual relationship with (doesn’t have to be romantic, because I’m about to die and we don’t have enough time for dating and courtship, do we?) (Plus, I have lots of celebrities in my list! So many names, so little time!) but I must resist the temptation…

Or can I?!

So anyway, I made an “annex” on my list specifically for that! Now on with my list!

1. Have sexual relationship with various celebrities. (see Annex A)
2. Join the Amazing Race with Bom (because she knows how to drive stick shift!). Or if I’m paired with a previous contestant, I would race with Oswald.
3. Go back in time and see Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones in concert.
4. Be a roadie at a U2 concert.
5. Watch a live NBA game and get Michael Jordan’s autograph.
6. Visit Bill Amend’s home and look at his Foxtrot materials.
7. Spend a lazy afternoon chatting with J.K. Rowling and discuss “If Sirius Black had been alive in Book 7 he would be…” scenarios.
8. Guest star in “House” as one of the clinic patients of Dr. House.
9. Tour Japan with Ikuta Toma as my guide (and he would buy me a nice dinner and we’ll eat lots of okonomiyaki and we’ll have a romantic date where cherry blossoms are blooming and love will blossom for us…).
10. Do a Top Ten List on David Letterman’s show.

Annex A:

a. Gary Oldman
b. Johnny Depp
c. Viggo Mortensen
d. Joshua Jackson
e. Daniel Radcliffe
f. Wentworth Miller
g. Hugh Jackman
h. Richard Gere
i. Rob Thomas
j. David Beckham
k. Jerry Yan (talagang dapat kasali?!)


Did you watch last night’s The-Congressmen-Try-To-Milk-Their-3-Minute-Fame-With-Grandiose-But-Empty-Words Show, otherwise known as the vote of the Congress on the motion to declare the speakership vacant? Entertaining in an unpleasant sort of way, wasn’t it?

Each time a congressman asked for a chance to explain his/her vote (“May I explain my vote, Mr. Speaker?”), I wish the acting speaker would answer: NO, you may not. Just cast your vote damn it!”. You wonder where they get the gumption to talk about executing their law-making function efficiently when they keep on wasting our time with their self-serving and hypocritical speeches.

And so, with the successful move to dump JDV, the Congress has revealed itself to be the stewards of GMA’s quest for more power. A vote for change? What they accomplished was just a change of personality, just a change of a lapdog willing to turn a blind eye in exchange for concessions. Don’t kid yourself, nothing’s really changed.

P.S. 9:04pm. Is JDV going senile, or what? Now he's backtracking on the controversial statements he made on his privilege speech yesterday. You know, those heat of the moment bullshits. Like, now it's "alleged" tampering of election results. What a load of crap.

14 Days To Lurve - Day 5

“What do you want me to say, Neely? Shall I state the obvious? I loved you madly when I was a young teenage girl. That’s no surprise because I told you everyday. And you told me the same. We spent every moment together, we had every class together, went everywhere together. But you became this great football hero, and everybody wanted a piece of you. Especially Screamer. She had the long legs and cute butt and short skirts and big chest and blond hair, and somehow she got you in the backseat of her car. You decided you wanted more of the same. I was a nice girl, and I paid a price for it. You broke my heart, humiliated me in front of everybody I knew, and wrecked my life for a long time. I couldn’t wait to leave this town.”

Cameron Lane, The Bleachers - John Grisham

Sunday, February 3, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 4

He dug with a kind of fury, relishing the manual work, glorying in the non-magic of it, for every drop of his sweat and every blister felt like a gift to the elf who had saved their lives. His scar burned, but he was master of the pain, he felt it, yet was apart from it. He had learned control at last, learned to shut his mind to Voldemort, the very thing Dumbledore had wanted him to learn from Snape. Just as Voldemort had not been able to possess Harry while Harry was consumed with grief for Sirius, so his thoughts could not penetrate Harry now while he mourned Dobby. Grief, it seemed, drove Voldemort out…though Dumbledore, of course, would have said that it was love.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling

Saturday, February 2, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 3

In love, there’s both the real and ideal person you fall in love with. The problem isn’t separating one from the other in your heart but on merging them into your own reality…

When you’re wrong, you suffer disillusionment, but the lessons you learned are vital: that in loving, as in living, the goal and the price are the same – Life.

Okay, confession time: I don’t know which book this quote came from! It was one of those Young Heart/ Young Love pocketbooks I read in high school but for the life of me I couldn’t recall the title. I think the story was also as unremarkable, except for the words above. I guess it stuck a chord, because I was able to memorize it. I still don’t know what those words really mean, so I guess you can help me on this one by giving me your take on the meaning behind the quote. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 2

ROSE: Have you ever been in love?

DESIRE: You might say that.

ROSE: Horrible, isn't it?

DESIRE: In what way?

ROSE: It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...

You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore.

Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so a simple phrase like "Maybe we should just be friends" or "How very perceptive" turns into a glass splinter working its way to your heart.

DESIRE: How picturesque.

ROSE: It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a body-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. Nothing should be able to do that.

Especially not love.

I hate love.

“The Kindly Ones” (The Sandman Library) - Neil Galman