Friday, September 28, 2007

Rejoice, Couch Potahtos!

My fave shows are back!!!

I haven’t seen the first episode of House yet, but the pilot of Heroes and the first two episodes of Prison Break were just awesome!

There’s no point to this post really, except to give me a just-about-reasonable excuse to post this:

You know what else is awesome? FOXTROT.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Friend: Me kinakasal na tikbalang.
Me: Huh? Bakit?
Friend: Kasi umuulan tapos umaaraw.
Me: Ano logic dun?
Friend: Ewan ko.
Me (talking to myself): Dapat nga bang me logic dun? Eh hindi naman totoong me tikbalang?


A few hours later…

Me (talking to myself): Sige, assume lang natin na totoong me tikbalang, at nagpapakasal din sila – well, kelangan nila mag-asawa para dumami di ba? Pero wala pa ding logic na umuulan sabay umaaraw dahil lang kasal nila! Hindi naman yun katulad ng nagbo-bowling si San Pedro kaya umuulan…


A few more hours later…

Me (still talking to myself): Pero paano magpapakasal ang mga tikbalang eh di ba pare-pareho silang lalaki?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Is It Okay If I Call You Mine?

After months of denial, I officially announce that I have crush on him!

For the time being, let’s call my crush Morgan. It’s actually a very lame codename – but I’m not going to tell why, or you might guess who he is! Well, assuming someone from the office actually reads my blog. So that’s a major clue, he’s an officemate of mine, which is nice because I now have a reason to go to work everyday!

My raison d’ etre for now is so simple it’s pathetic – just to bump into him everyday is a major, major source of happiness. Grabe, parang high school! Only one officemate of mine knew about him and she’s busy plotting schemes for us to get together. But I’m – as another officemate of mine so succinctly put it – potsu (supot na binaligtad. And if you don’t know what supot means, then you haven’t live your life well! *evil grin*). There’s no way I’ll ever go through any of her schemes. I’m sticking with my tried and tested stalking techniques, thank you very much.

For now, I’m content with the fact that he at least knows my name and that he’s really sweet when he greets me!

I’m in lurrrve…

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Little Things

(Got the idea from this book called “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?” - from the same authors who wrote “Why Do Men Have Nipples?”.)

The little things that make life more enjoyable:

A – American Idol, Amazing Race, Artemis Fowl, AXN
B – basketball, blogging, boys, Baby Blues
C – Caramel Frappucino, calamares, Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles, crushes
E – Elliott Yamin, English Literature, email, Enchanted Kingdom
F – FRIENDS AND FAMILIES, Foxtrot, Friday night outs, foot massage
G – Gary Oldman, Go Fug Yourself, gulaman
H – Harry Potter, HBO, hand sanitizer, hugs
I – Ipod, Internet, instant noodles, Inquirer, ice cream
J – John Grisham, Jeopardy, joyrides, Joshua Jackson
K – kisses, Karate Kid, Krispy Kreme, Kiefer Sutherland
L – lip balms, laziness, last minute shopping
M – Mountain Dew, Mugglenet, mango shake
N – Nintendo DS LIte, nilagang mani, notebooks
O – oversleeping, opinions, old shirts and shorts
P – Post Its, pillows, pizza, Powerbooks, procrastination
Q – quizzes, quick naps
R – rain, Redbox, Rock ‘n Roll
S – Skittles, Sudoku, Stonefree, secrets, sopas, Stephen King
T – Toblerone, text messages, TAMBAY, tuknene
U – UAAP, unrequited love
V – Videoke, volleyball
W – Wikipedia, Warcraft, walking, winding staircases
X – x-bfs/gfs
Y – Youtube, YM, yema
Z - ZZzzzleep