Monday, July 30, 2007

The Deathly Hallows Meme

...because you know I won't be able to resist this! =)

MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT. Please skip if you haven't read the book. (and please read the book! you don't know what you're missing. hahaha...)






Name: Jela
Age: 25
Location: Room of Requirement (wish!)
Friending Policy: First impression matters.
Hours it Took You to Finish DH: Almost 7 hours

Former Favorite HP Book:

Prisoner of Azkaban
Canon (or Not Disproved) Ships You Supported:
None, but I really like Remus/Tonks, I want my remaining Marauder to be happy!
Number of DH Theories You Had:
Quite a few, but most of them turn out wrong, don’t they?
Describe Your Best/Favorite Theory:
Harry and Voldemort’s final duel would be sort of other world-y, probably through the veil, and he would get a lot of help from his parents, Sirius and Dumbledore.
What Time Did You Get it at?
Around 7:45 am

What you did/thought about...
The Seven Potters:

It was a cool piece of skullduggery! Up until they were chased by Death Eaters, and then it became terrifying. Poor Hedwig. Poor George’s ears. And our fallen warrior, Poor Mad Eye.
He was redeemed in my eyes with the way he treated Kreacher. I wish Sirius have known this part of Regulus. Still, Sirius is the Black man for me!
Ron Leaving:
It was a good subplot, I can feel Harry’s sense of betrayal, Ron’s resentment and jealousy, and Hermione’s hurt. When Harry thought that something was broken between them, I felt it, too. I was glad they were able to patch things up. Harry’s dialogue about Hermione being a surrogate sister to her, and how Dumbledore gave the Deluminator to Ron because he knew Ron would always want to come back, were nice. Harry got really good at expressing himself.
Godric's Hollow:
The scene of Bathilda Bagshot transforming into Nagini was just scary! I love the tender moment between Harry and Hermione, when they visited Lily and James’ graves and Hermione conjured those flowers, then as they were about to leave, Harry put his arms around Hermione’s shoulders and Hermione put hers around Harry’s waist. I also like the epithet “The last enemy to be destroyed is death”.
Harry's Wand Breaking:
Like Harry, I was counting on the wand’s shared phoenix core to protect from, and ultimately defeat, Voldemort. It felt like a huge blow for me.
The Deathly Hallows:
I love this twist! I never expected this, I’ve always thought that Deathly Hallows was synonymous to the Horcruxes, and that Book 7 would be a straight forward tale of Harry’s quest for the Horcruxes. I like that the story of the Deathly Hallows was hidden behind a children’s tale, and that it was Dumbledore’s weakness, and how Harry was seduced by that same quest, but eventually figured out the right track.
Breaking into Gringotts:
Great adventure! The enchantments placed in the vault were really scary and their narrow escape was suspenseful. I’m glad they released the dragon!
Aberforth and Ariana:
They humanized Dumbledore; without them, Dumbledore might have been another Voldemort or Grindelwald. Aberforth was cool, and I like that he has the same piercing blue eyes as Dumbledore’s. His goat patronus was hilarious! And I never ever want to know what he did to the goat!
Snape Being Good:
I trust Severus with all my heart, and I’m glad Harry finally knew the truth and accorded proper respect to the “bravest man I’ve ever known”.
Harry Being a Horcrux:
I never supported this theory, I have to admit. But it made sense, the way it was presented.
King's Cross:
I gasped out loud when Harry was Avada Kedavra’d by Voldemort; I really thought he was a goner. When he met with Dumbledore at King’s Cross, I knew he’s bound to get back. The child was sort of disturbing. I just don’t like the part when Dumbledore kept on insisting Harry was the better man. Even Harry knows it – in spite Dumbledore’s checkered past, he is the cleverer one, the better man. I’m still Dumbledore’s girl, through and through!
The Epilogue:
Sort of anti-climactic. The bit about Harry naming his son Albus Severus was nice, but the chapter was a letdown after all the actions that happened in the novel.

New Favorite HP Book:

Still Prisoner of Azkaban, though I haven’t really given much thought on how I rank the 7 books.
Canon Ships You Now Support:
Sorry James and Harry – Lily/Snape! And Ron/Hermione, because they took their sweet time before they finally kiss!!!
Number of Your Theories That Came True (or Sort of Did):
The identity of RAB, that Snape is on the good side, Voldemort and Wormtail will die, Harry did not die
Overall Impression of DH:
There were few clunky lines and the epilogue could have been better, but I was amazed at how JK Rowling was able to tie the series together, and still introduce new key plots. I love it, even if I still feel sad up to now by the deaths and the thought that the HP series is really over.
Favorite Part:
The Prince’s Tale is my favorite chapter so far, followed closely by The Bribe and Forest Again.
Least Favorite Part:
The epilogue, unexplained deaths of Remus and Tonks – they deserve better than that!
Saddest Part:
Syet, syet… Dumbledore: “But this is touching, Severus. Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?” Snape: “For him? Expecto Patronum!” (and out came Snape’s patronus, the silver doe) Dumbledore: "After all this time?" Snape: "ALWAYS". Syet, syet talaga! (and yes, I had these memorized.)
Coolest Part:
Hermione’s beaded bag, Potterwatch (ang kulit ng code names!), the battle at Hogwarts, escape with the dragon, when Harry was met by the ghosts of Lily, James, Remus and my Sirius
Best Completely Unexpected Part:
I hate to admit this, but it was Hedwig’s death. It came really early in the story, and I had to re-read that part because I was just shocked that Hedwig would be part of the death toll! Harry calling Hedwig’s name repeatedly was eerily familiar: it brought back memories of book 5 when Harry was repeatedly calling Sirius name to come out of the veil.
Best New Character:
Gellert Grindelwald, because of his role in Dumbledore’s life; Aberforth Dumbledore
Saddest Character Death:
Snape, of course. But I was surprised to feel really sad about Mad Eye Moody. And his death happened early in the book!
Best Magic/Magical Item:
Pensieve, together with Snape’s memories.

Favorite Color:

Your Non-HP Fandoms:
Foxtrot, Heroes, Prison Break, House, Stonefree, etc, etc.
Top Pet Peeve:
people with annoying sense of superiority
Favorite Child HP Actor:
Pwede bang adult actor? Gary Oldman, forever and ever
First Word or Phrase that Comes to Mind:
Describe Yourself in Three Words:
Obsessive, Rambling, Boring
What's in Your Journal:
just doodles about my boring life! Hehehe…

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To Whom This May Concern

A break from all things Harry Potter (Well, not really. Sorry, can’t help it!). Nicked from Bom.

- Write something about/for fifteen DIFFERENT people.
- You can NOT (read: NEVER) say who they are.
- If someone asks you which one is about/for them, you are NOT to tell.

  1. Can we please move past this “ngitian kapag nagkakasalubong” stage?
  2. I’m normally a talkative person, but with you, I’m able to grasp the concept of “companionable silence”.
  3. It’s okay that we don’t always know the answers. Stop worrying.
  4. You don’t understand me the way you think you do.
  5. Good to see that you got your priorities right this time. Study harder!
  6. You’re nice and all, but continue expecting us to adjust to your needs and I’ll give you a mighty kick in the shin.
  7. It kills me to see you consciously commit this big mistake.
  8. I miss your text messages. I wish you would realize that just because some things about me are different now, it doesn’t mean that I am, too.
  9. You’re one of the strongest persons I’ve ever known.
  10. I’m glad we’re okay.
  11. You’re kind. You’re magnanimous. You’re smart. You’re great. Now stop congratulating your ass and start looking in front of the mirror to see how exceptionally wrong you are. Especially on the third one.
  12. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
  13. Sometimes your voice annoys me so much I want to bitch slap you.
  14. I wish I could really like you, I really do.
  15. Why, oh, why did you have to say “Always”?! (okay, I cheated a bit. This isn’t a message to a REAL person. But I really, really have to ask this out loud! “Always” is such a romantic word for me! Snape, oh, Snape…)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Only One He Ever Feared

Don't worry, definitely NO SPOILERS in this post.

I just want to say, I'm really proud of J.K. Rowling for telling the story the way she wanted to.

I am happy, and at the same time, still not happy. Weird. I can't explain it without me giving away too much. But I love the book, I really do. But I feel a bit cheated.

So please, everyone, hurry up with your reading!

Friday, July 20, 2007

This Muggle Is Just Happy To Be Here!

You must know by now how insanely fanatical I am about Harry Potter. I'm still at this stage of giddy disbelief that, in a few hours, I will finally have in my hands the final book of the series. And I am excited and happy and all, but I am strangely, incredibly sad. Sad that the waiting is finally over, sad that the series is finally over.

I was 19, still in college, when I came across a book entitled "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". Back then I was into legal thrillers like the Perry Mason series and John Grisham's books, so what was I doing with a children's novel? But I was curious, so I read and immediately fell for it. I finished reading it in one night (on a Prelims week, no less) - and my love affair with HP was born.

Maybe it's because, even if I am boringly logical most of the time, I love the idea of magic. Maybe it's because I love mysteries and intrigue, and Harry, his scar, his connection with Voldemort and his destiny are the biggest intrigue in the HP universe. Maybe it's because I love underdog stories and the books have provided plenty of that. Maybe it's because I love sarcasm and dry humor and witty lines and, again, the books have provided plenty of that. Or maybe it's because I love slightly bad, sort of damaged, highly intriguing men and Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Severus Snape certainly fit the bill. I cannot pinpoint a single reason for this mad love, but the obssession is here to stay.

For the last 7 or so years of my life, HP has been a constant source of enjoyment, knowledge and comfort. I got Chamber of Secrets as a Christmas present. My first paycheck I bought Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. I've made bets about Order Of The Phoenix (and received a painful shock when it was Sirius who died). I met new friends because of the series. I've had hundreds of discussions and arguments over theories and opinions, and I'm desperate for more. I've memorized some of their lines, muttered some of the spells under my breath. I've influenced a few people to get into Pottermania. I've never felt a more desperate desire to go to London than when I've read the books. I discovered other cool children's books because HP paved the way for me to check out the bookstore's children's section. I discovered Mugglenet and fanfiction. It wasn't just a fictional magical world that I discovered because of a boy with glasses and lightning bolt-shaped scar, I was thrown into the world of HP fandom, a new, real, interesting world, quite different from the world I live in.

I am going to miss the feeling of happily anticipating the next installments. I am going to miss the speculations and theories on what will happen next. But this isn't me saying goodbye, not just yet. For sure, I'll still be reading and rereading the books over and over. There's still the final two movies to look forward to and - who knows? - an encyclopedia that J.K. Rowling had hinted at. Plus more people to persuade and encourage to read the books.

It's like what they say - it's not the destination, but the journey. The ride was just fantastic, and I'm grateful that I get to experience it. (and whether she gets to read this or not, thank you so much, J.K. Rowling. Thank you for Harry Potter.)

This isn't the end of Harry Potter. Not for me, anyway. And certainly not for the millions of Potter fans out there.

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Spoilers For Me!

Less than 2 days to go!!!

Habang papalapit na ang July 21, spoilers concerning Deathly Hallows (whether legit or not) have started to leak out in the web. I usually succumb to the lure of spoilers (I'm an impatient being), but not when it concerns Harry Potter. I waited for so long for the culmination of my beloved series, I can wait a few days more.

So please, no spoilers for me! I promise also that I will not post anything about the book this weekend, so as not to spoil HP fanatics like me.

(But I welcome open discussions of the books! Leave a comment, text me, e-mail me, ask me out for coffee! Ready ako to talk about HP hahaha...)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Just because some of us have the emotional range of a teaspoon..."

Guess what? This adik made it as a finalist in Powerbooks’ Triwizard Tournament! Well, they got my surname wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s me on the list.

But now that I have time to think about it, I’m not sure I want to go to the Finals. For one, I have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to finish on that day! I’ve been waiting and planning for July 21 ever since it was announced that Book 7 will be released on that date. I think I would be too distracted about the book to bother with the Tournament (but I can’t deny that the five freakin’ thousand pesos is such a huge motivator!).

But there’s a bigger reason for my hesitation and I’m half-ashamed to admit it. I don’t even know how to explain it well (and this isn’t going to be a really nice post). It’s connected with what I’ve mentioned in my post on the OoTP movie about someone who scoffed at me for watching the movie on its opening date. It kind of stung the way that person said it, like I’m being too shallow – or I guess what I really felt was that I’m such a useless tool because what I’m doing or the things I’m devoting my attention to are not important.

I’ll be the first to admit that my addictions – not just with Harry Potter but with everything else – are downright weird that it can be painfully embarrassing sometimes. I don’t expect most people to understand, really. I don’t even expect my friends to understand me all the time, especially since I know I don’t share with all of them my tastes and passions and opinions. But there’s this part of me who expects people to understand that these are important to me that’s why I choose to do those crazy things and act on these obsessions. I’m okay with you laughing at me when I make a fool of myself gushing over these things, I’m perfectly okay with doing things on my own because I know you’d rather do something else than indulge me and my schemes, but sometimes I feel a little betrayed, and hurt, and that you couldn’t even understand why. And I know that this is me being too shallow again and making a big deal out of nothing but this is how I feel and I just want to say it out loud this time and that there are a lot of things that are important to me, trivial or not, and I expect that people should at least respect that and not treat me in an irritatingly condescending way.

So, ANYWAY – I’m reluctant to join the Tournament, because people have been giving me a lot of reasons not to: that I’m too old for this and I’m about to get my ass seriously kicked by a 10 year old, or that it’s not a cool or feminine or responsible-adult endeavor, or that it’s a big, big waste of time. Reading is a waste of time, reading Harry Potter is a big, expensive waste of time.

I really don’t mean to make this all into a big rant, not when I’m excited and happy about Saturday, but these negative feedbacks are chasing away my happy feelings. So please, you can be the mature, cool, level-headed individual that you are for all the good it will do in this world. Just let me rot in my shallow, immaterial, crazy addictions.


Since I don’t want to end this post in such a sour note – I’m still busy ogling over Sirius Black’s tattoos and his very maarte way of brandishing his wand! I’m thinking, am I the only one lusting after Gary Oldman?

Few more days to go!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Padfoot Forever!!!

Sorry, I just couldn't help it - I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix alone on its opening date yesterday.

Somebody scoffed at my wanting - nay, needing, to watch the film on the first day of its release. I don't have any rational explanation for it. But you know that I am just weird that way.

The movie had some weak points but I love it for a lot of reasons - but the biggest reason of all is because of Sirius Black. Padfoot ws my favorite character in the entire HP series and Gary Oldman was just perfect for that role. I never knew a peek-a-boo tattoo in his throat can be so sexy! Who cares about that kiss, or funny Loony Lovegood, or the sickly sweet Dolores Umbridge (great actress, by the way), or the twisted Bellatrix Lestrange, or the sneering Severus Snape, or the powerful battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore, or the distracting biceps of Harry? (I kid, of course I care! Those were the other highlights of the movie!)

And okay, I cried when he died. I was on the verge of tears every time he appeared on screen, damn it. Not even his throat can distract me from his inevitable demise.

I initially hated Book 5 because of Padfoot's fate. His death was just so sudden and I was totally in denial for so long that Padfoot actually died! And seeing the movie made me remember how his death affected me then that it took me moments to get up from the seat and walked out of the theater with a dazed look.

I'll be watching the movie again this Saturday at IMAX (the dueling scenes are going to be so awesome in 3D!) and again and again... just to see Sirius winking at Harry, just to hear him say "Get your hands off my godson", just to cry again with Harry after witnessing Padfoot pass through the veil.

And of course, to catch a glimpse again of that throat tattoo.