Friday, September 29, 2006

The One?

I had been asked lots of times by well-intentioned friends who want to play match-makers [and by some who are simply, and annoyingly, curious] on what I look for in a guy, and for the life of me I couldn’t specify the qualities I like! Does that mean I’m losing faith and interest on the male species?

Nah, I don’t think so. I had never been the type of person, even during my hopeless romantic stage, to have that so called ideal guy. The ideal guy for me is just that – an idea. Sure, somehow you’re going to meet a guy who may have all the qualities that you are looking for – he’s tall and handsome and smart and manly – definitely your dreamboat. But then you would find out that he had one quality that you definitely abhor – like a stinking body odor – and your dreamboat capsizes into oblivion.

Of course, that’s simplifying matters. My point is, we sometimes get fixated on the idea of “The One” that we end up falling in love with the idea of him being the one and not with the person himself. And we get so hung up on the idea that a person should be the right one when we don’t even consider if we are the “right one” for that person. I mean, you don’t just go searching for someone who meets this and that criteria. Or worse, trying to mold the person to meet your criteria. It’s like those block shapes that kids play with. First, you select a piece that you think will fit the pattern, and try another if the first one didn’t fit until you get the right one. But you don’t push or reshape the piece you have selected just to fit the mold.

[Isn’t that the lamest analogy, or what?!]

Being in a relationship is complicated enough; overanalyzing whether a friend/ date/ some random stranger could be “The One” is pushing things a little too far. The fun is in discovering whether you can make good music together [I don’t mean that in a sleazy way!]. Maybe this point doesn’t help too much, but if the person is right for you, you will know. No wordy explanations needed. The fact that you’re taking pains to explain why the two of you are or should be good together means… you’re really not so good together.

Anyhoo, I'll indulge you and play the game. So here - I want a guy who will fascinate me. It might be too vague a description, but for now it will do. No, I’m not looking for someone who’s consciously being mysterious, or who has a very extreme hobby/passion, or the misunderstood but sensitive rebel. I just want someone who will… fascinate me. Damn, I’m really not good at explaining myself, am I?

And finally, I’m waiting for that guy [say it with me!] with that slow, sweet smile. cooooooooorny…

Top 5 On Friday - Week 91

Top 5 song lyrics that best describe you.

**Tindahan Ni Aling Nena – Eraserheads

"Tindahan ni Aling Nena / parang isang kwentong pampelikula / mura na at sari sari pa ang itinitinda / pero ang tanging nais ko ay di nabibili ng pera"

I used the song title [replacing Nena with Dyela] in my earlier blogs, including the still active but not-exactly-updated Friendster blog. I would like to point out that the lyrics I used in my blog “pero ang tanging nais ko ay di nabibili ng pera…” had been, ehem, controversial. Those lyrics in fact do describe me, that what I really wanted can’t be bought by money, it’s just that that thing isn’t what some think it is.

**Angels Or Devils - Dishwalla

"The angels they burn inside of us / are we ever / are we ever gonna learn to fly / the devils they burn inside of us / are we ever gonna come back down / come around / I’ll always worry about the things that could make us cold"

I’m an angel and a devil. Enough said! [this really is a nice song, though.]

**Unwell – Matchbox 20

"I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell / I know, right now you can’t tell / but stay a while and maybe then you’ll see / a different side of me / I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired / I know, right now you don’t care / but soon enough you’re gonna think of me / and how I used to be me"

Just like what Rob Thomas, my boyfriend, said in one of their concerts, it’s ok to be a little fucked up sometimes.

**When You Were Young – The Killers

"He doesnt look a thing like Jesus/ but he talks like a gentleman / like you imagined / when you were young..."

"... and sometimes you close your eyes / and see the place where you used to live / when you were young..."

I know there are other songs that more appropriately describe then and now scenarios, but right now this is one of my fave songs so I’m including this on my list.

**Lost In You – Ash

"Staring at the wall / I sink inside / I think about it all / I get caught up in my life / I can't think straight / because it's tearing up my mind / I feel like I'm on fire, nothing I can do / I'm troubled with doubt / though I know it is not true / and it's times like these / when I'm dying to speak to you / dying to get through / dying to get through / the more that I think, how I need you / the more that I think, the more it seems true / and now it means more / than I ever meant it to / ever meant it to"

Because I’m more romantic than I care to admit!

Friday's Feast 113

What is your favorite herb or spice?

Since I'm into spicy foods, I love black and chili peppers. I also like my adobo to be very garlic-ky.

Name a song you like but haven't heard in a long time.

Actually, I heard that song yesterday. I was actually deliberately avoiding hearing that song [the title of which I won’t bother to mention!] because, well, long story. I didn’t really answer the question, did I?

If you were to take just one minute to write down as many things as you can think of that you need (not want) to do, approximately how many things would there be?

I stopped at 10. Thinking about the things I need to do is giving me the headache...

Main Course
Tell something interesting about one of your family members (nothing scandalous, please, just something unique).

It’s really not that unique – but my eldest brother doesn’t like to be called “daddy” or “tatay” by his son. His son [my nephew] calls him by his first name. Also, my brother likes to download sports theme/pump up songs and wrestling entrance themes to his mp3 player. Probably his way of motivating himself hahaha!

What's the latest you've ever stayed awake?

I had watched a rock gig that lasted until about past 3am – and I had to go to the office in a few hours! I also used to have insomnia so I’m no stranger to staying awake for very long hours and in some instance had to go to school without some sleep. Yep, definitely unhealthy.

F*** That Stupid Song!

At some point in your life you need to let go - but you find out you’re not yet prepared to do just that. So you try to cling on, you fight for your place, even if it means hurting yourself even more.

You realize that sometimes the most painful stage is when you stubbornly held on. It is also the point when you are most scared.

But once you let go, once you take the plunge, is the time when you set yourself free. You never really leave your fears behind. Instead, you use it to propel you. In the process, you learned to live with what scares you most.

This could happen when a relationship ends, but it could as well be the same sort of experience you go through when you start falling - in love.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yosi Break

I sort of get now the attraction of smoking. The urge to smoke is stronger when the people you’re with do it. Not that they are pressuring me, but it kind of gets lonely to do nothing but wait for them while they finish their smoke. And you think peer pressure is just for teens. I guess there’s always that need to conform, to belong, whether you're a kid or an adult [adult daw?!]

On a different but relevant matter, why is it that some are surprised to know that I enjoy going to bars and watch rock gigs and yet don’t smoke or drink at all?

Dumbledore's Army

This pic from the upcoming movie Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix is making me go squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

(again, please bear with me if I had to redirect you to another page to view the pic. I even tried Specialis Revelio to make this work, but nothing doing. Blogger really hates me.)

Can you feel how wickedly excited I am about the upcoming movie?! Wait, scratch that – I’m wickedly, shamelessly, wantonly excited about the 5th movie and the 7th book! squeee!!! If Harry’s desire of making giggling illegal does happen, I’d be guilty as hell, but the heck, I'm giggling and grinning like mad after seeing the pic. More of this, anything, to satisfy this addict!

I like OoTP as it introduced two very interesting characters: Luna Lovegood and Dolores Umbridge. Luna for me is cool, in a weird sort of way. I don't know why, but I really, really love that scene in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when Harry asked Luna to go with him to Slughorn's party and Peeves heard it and he said: "Potter luuurves Loony!". No, I'm not a Harry-Luna shipper [I'm not a shipper at all!] but I always get a good laugh whenever I read that! [and please don't ask me how many times I have read the books. I've lost count.]

Ah, Umbridge. Nasty, foul, sweet Umbridge. There's so much satisfaction in seeing her get her comeuppance. Hahaha! Schadenfreude! Her characterization was J.K. Rowling's awesome way of telling us, in the words of Sirius Black, "... the world is not divided into good people and Death Eaters."

I hope there’s truth to the speculations that the final book will be released on July 7, 2007. How cool is that? Book 7 released on 7/07/07! Anyway, OoTP the movie will be shown in US and UK theaters on July 13, 2007. No word yet on its Philippine premiere, but I heard that the movie will be released in IMAX theater, so yeah! More reasons to be excited! The sixth movie, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince will be released on November 21, 2008. Alan Rickman (Professor Snape to you) will be devilishly awesome in this movie!

Since the topic here is Harry Potter, I want to mention here a question J.K. Rowling herself raised on her site: Why did Dumbledore have James’ invisibility cloak at the time of James’ death, given that Dumbledore could make himself invisible without a cloak? I’m kind of tamad to post my theory on this one, as it’s kind of long and also includes my own follow up questions! But to fellow Potter-holics out there, feel free to leave a comment so that we can discuss our own theories!

And if you want more Harry Potter fix to tide you over until the next book or movie, I suggest you subscribe to Mugglecast. It's an amazing podcast and the hosts are just as obssessed [or even more! heck! they have a podcast!] as I am to discuss anything and everything HP. Subscription is absolutely free. You can set your iTunes to download the latest episodes for you. If you don't have iTunes, I think there are other programs you can use to get the episodes. Check Mugglenet for more details!

As I use to say:


Monday, September 25, 2006


The two thunder-like sound you might have heard yesterday afternoon probably was just me, screaming my lungs off while watching the first game of the UAAP Championship best-of-three Series. The first one was a roar of excitement after Allan Evangelista made that shot that put the UST Growling Tigers at the lead with 1 second to go. The second one, unfortunately, was a cry of disappointment after Doug Kramer’s undegoal stab that cinch the win for the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Man, wasn’t that some game?!

Honestly, I’m not that sad about the loss. The game could have gone either way. The last play by Escalona and Kramer prove that Ateneo is the more experienced team. UST, despite their talent, still lacks the maturity on crucial end game scenarios. Hopefully, whatever the outcome of the series is, UST will learn a lot from their experience.

Another thing is, I can’t feel any bitter rivalry between Ateneo and my team. And that’s not exactly a bad thing. I think it’s a game played with mutual respect [I didn’t see it on TV, but I read that the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion played UST’s “Go USTE!” drumbeat and the Yellow Jackets reciprocated with the “Go Ateneo” cheer. Wow! Is that awesome, or what?!] . I prayed for UST to make it to the Final Four and then to the championships, but I had no expectations at all. I don’t think I’m the only one who was proven wrong by the Tigers, I think others are not counting at all at UST to go this far, but they’ve clawed their way through, and they have earned respect. I had expected the first game to be a blow out, but it was excruciatingly close. UST came prepared, and I couldn’t ask for a more confident team to strut their stuffs on the hard court. That’s the right attitude guys!

I hope UST will win the second game, if only because its loyal followers and the viewers of the UAAP deserve to see another possible classic game [and I deserve to have another chance to watch the game live at the Araneta]. This early, I am extending my congratulations to both teams.

To the Ateneo Blue Eagles – you are a worthy adversary. I salute you.

And to the UST Growling Tigers – there’s no shame in your loss. Go USTe!


  • All these years that I had watched basketball, I still ponder how is it that basketball players can make those hail mary shots while being double- or triple-teamed, and yet suck big time at the free throw line? [add to that my question on why a player never jumps when he’s taking a free throw shot. Honestly hindi ko alam kung kasama ba talaga sa rules ‘to.]

  • yummm… Cyrus Baguio… I don’t need you to distract me from watching the Finals.

  • Seeing Dennis Espino and Chris Cantonjos again was something. I can still recall their ’93 sweep! Please Tigers, ibalik niyo yung 4Peat era natin!!!

  • Some of my friends were surprised to find out when I texted them that UST made it to the finals. Mga hindi kasi nanonood ng game! Hehehe... But I'm glad their support was there at this crucial stage. Although I would have preferred that I watch the game without the distraction of a text message asking what time the game would start!

  • I am still bitter that I wasn’t able to watch the game at the Araneta. Pag umabot ng third game, I might transact with scalpers. I’d kill for a lower or upper box A ticket. Let’s get it onnn!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Oooooooooohhhhhh Yeah!!!

UST has sneaked in to the Men's Basketball Finals of the UAAP. Freakin' finally!

Mga Tomasino, show your support!

Go fight and win for U-S-T!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

when you know that you just don't know

there’s still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
there’s still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
it’s still a little hard to say what's going on

there’s still a little bit of your ghost, your witness
there’s still a little bit of your face i haven't kissed
you step a little closer each day
so close that i can’t say what's going on

stones taught me to fly
love taught me to lie
life, it taught me to die
so it's not hard to fall
when you float like a cannonball

there’s still a little bit of your song in my ear
there’s still a little bit of your words i long to hear
you step a little closer to me
so close that i can't see what's going on

stones taught me to fly
love, it taught me to lie
life taught me to die
so it's not hard to fall
when you float like a cannon...
stones taught me to fly
and love taught me to cry
so come on courage
teach me to be shy
'cause it's not hard to fall
and i don't wanna scare him
it's not hard to fall
and i don't wanna lose
it's not hard to grow
when you know that you just don't know

The Eye And The Adik

I bought a new pair of contact lens the other day to replace the old pair I ‘lost’ last Monday [for the stupidest reasons the details of which I have no plans of elaborating]. Per usual, I had to read the E chart. So I was wearing those test lenses and was in the second line when the optometrist scolded me:

“Why are you squinting?”

And then I realize that I was squinting because I was trying my damnedest to read the letters correctly. And I feel sort of apologetic and disappointed that I couldn’t get the letters right. Of course, I wouldn’t get it right, malabo nga ang mata ko di ba?!


Sometimes I take things way too seriously.

So for all of you with perfect 20/20 vision, take care of your eyes. Having imperfect vision is hard, uncomfortable and a bit costly, especially if you’re wearing contact lenses. If you’re not as vain as I am, glasses really aren’t that bad as these are easier to care for and would not require much periodic replacing [choose the rimless style if you don’t want to look too geeky].

Speaking of contact lenses, I am not happy with the brand I bought. I wish I hadn’t been stingy and bought a cheaper brand. It was a bit thicker and its circumference is bigger than my previous contact lens. Sometimes when I blink I can feel its edges. I sacrificed comfort for a price differential of about 500 bucks. [hahaha! making a big deal out of contact lenses!]

I really should have bought Bausch and Lomb®. I am promoting this brand starting today in the hopes that a representative of that company stumble upon this free advertising and give me a free pair of clear extended-wear contact lenses. Just in case, I have a 275/275 vision (is that how you say it?!). I mean it! A pair will do!

Workplace Blues

I miss my officemates.

No, I’m no longer on vacation. But I had been spending more time lately at the bank as I had started assuming some of the functions that will be assigned to me when the merger happens that I'm generally missing out on what's happening in our workplace.

Don’t get me wrong. I am excited about my sort-of-new job as it has a broader scope and will allow me to finally handle the more interesting aspects of Treasury [and one can only hope for a corresponding salary increase hehehe!]. [Not to mention that I can now go to business-related trips, hopefully with Cebu as my first destination this November. I’m crossing my fingers!]

I’m just not excited about not spending enough time in my workplace with my officemates [and hello! I still have my normal responsibilities, which I’m still doing on top of what they’re making me do at the bank]. Even during the busiest workdays, we manage to make chika and just joke around and it made stress [work-related or otherwise] a bit bearable.

I have no problems with changing and moving on. I just wish that sometimes, moving on would not be synonymous with leaving some things behind.

And I miss Bom, too. She had moved to another company and was quite happy to leave us all behind. I kid! Hehehe! We’ve been reduced to texting these past few days to discuss our usual guilty pleasures. But it wasn’t until last night when Amazing Race premiered and we were texting about it that I realized how much I had looked forward to those next days at the office when we thoroughly discuss, dissect and analyze what we had watched. Thank God for SMS or I might bore our cats to death with my ramblings.

Blimey! Am I a total wuss today, or what?! This is so not doing any good for my public image!


In other news, my “new” officemates at the bank keep on remarking that I’m “laging nakasimangot” when I’m in front of the PC. Huh? Am I missing something here? Dapat ba na nakikipag-ngitian ako sa PC?

Seriously, I know what they’re talking about because I’ve heard that same remark lots of times. I have a face that is perpetually pouting. [of course you can’t see that in my pics, being the camwhore that I am]

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with a ‘smiling face’. I don’t know if it’s because I have a small mouth that make me look like I'm always pouting [wait until you see me when I’m actually pouting. my mouth all but disappear], but whatever. It does nothing to mitigate the usual impression that I am snobbish [not true] and mataray [sort of true]. I often have to assure some people that I am not a) stuck-up; b) angry at them or at the world or at anybody; c) stressed out; d) lost in my own world; or e) in deep shit and thus, is in desperate need of advice. Trust me, when I’m any of these, you would know.

And, again, for the benefit of everyone, I want to stress out that I am not a snob. I am nice, generally harmless and normal. Boring even.

That being said, there are some things you should never, never do to me, or I'll really, really make taray to you. Like stare at me while I’m working. Unless you’re my boss and I’m at the training stage [although that is uncomfortable, too, but a necessary evil], watching me work is distracting and annoying. And it gives off a certain vibe. And not a good one at that. And – shouldn’t you be working, too?

Because I Am Superficial, Materialistic and Insatiable...

... or whatever you want to call me. In any case, I am not making any excuses.

I want the new iPod nano! Either in blue or pink, or heck, even the old, trusty black - but I want the 8GB!

[because stupid blogger is giving me a freaking error message each time I upload an image, you have to clickety click to view my holy grail of the moment.]

Monday, September 18, 2006

Couch Potato Again!

The bestest reality show in the world is back again!

The pilot episode of The Amazing Race was very enjoyable. Too bad that two teams that are ethnically different from any other contestants that had ever competed in TAR were eliminated early. It would have been interesting to see how their racial backgrounds would affect their racing abilities. Take that, Survivor!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jumping The Shark The Philippine Idol Way

Okay, it’s official: I’m so turned off by Philippine Idol.

I don’t question the talent of the contestants [excepting a few…]. What I can’t get is why they have to rely so much on sob stories. I watch Philippine Idol to hear good music from undiscovered talents. If I want to cry, I would watch telenovelas [on second thought, not really. Our telenovelas only make me snort with derision]. Philippine Idol is no longer different with those stupid game shows where contestants beg, plead, and do all those stupid things just to win because it’s their ticket to the good life. I don’t know if Francis M was sarcastic or not, but I agree with him when he said that if the contestants want to get rich, they should join Laban or Bawi.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have better things for your life, and for doing anything in your power to achieve your dreams. It just feels icky to hear these contestants utter “I NEED this so you better vote for me or what kind of human being are you for not taking pity of me?” Of course, they never said as much, but that’s what I hear behind all those bawling and sobbing.

Sure, it’s the voting public that will determine the winner of this thing, but dear contestants: your future is not in their hands. It's yours to make.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday's Feast 111

What was the very last song you listened to?

I’m currently tuned in to my iPod and the last song that played was “Tao Po” by The Youth. The Youth is one of the major bands during the 90’s OPM rock band explosion, though I can’t recall if “Tao Po” was a big hit back then. I'm sure it was not as big as their hit song "Multo Sa Paningin".

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?

Powerbooks. That damn store puts curse to anyone who goes there, afflicting them with the insatiable desire to buy books. I swear, the books smell enchantingly irresistable because those were spiked with potions. Don’t go there, ever.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?

Ehem. About 8? =p

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book?

Tags from shirts, calling cards, anything as long as it isn’t thick. Mostly I just commit to memory the page number.

Name a food that you like that most people don't.

The thing is, I’m the one who doesn’t like food that most people like. Although I remember one instance when someone thought it weird that I eat chicharon or kropek together with rice.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Currently playing: Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse

I just want to share this text message a friend forwarded to me:

When the same
old street doesn't
look the way
it was before,

It's hard not to
cry for good
ol' memories...

But then,
we go on living...
We conclude that
changes can't
alienate us...

We suffocate
ourselves with
the fact that
changes is optimal.

follows after it...

We almost
get numb
of farewells...

We shred off

'til we realize
that we've also
been changed...

How often have you been told that 'there's nothing constant in this world but change'? But like most things you've been told about, you never really understand it until it stares right at your face. Until it becomes a reality to you. And then you try to fight it, you try to keep every part of your life the same, you go back to what is familiar, what is comfortable. You fear change so you tried to fight against it, until you realize you're fighting a losing battle - you had changed also...

But change is so overrated. Some people, they change just for the sake of changing, just to say that hey, I'm not the same as before. But they forget to look back to who they were before, and how far they have gone to become who they are now. In that sense, they have not really grown.

I am not good at goodbyes. Some memories still make me cry. Coping with changes wasn't always easy, or welcome. But I learned to live with life, I learned that it's okay to look back sometimes, but I must not always lose sight of my goals.

I look back and remember the people I lost in my life - those I've let go without really meaning or wanting to, those I had pushed away, those I had to say goodbye to because they need to be some place else, those who just went on without saying goodbye to me... and I feel glad that they become part of me and a little sad that I can no longer share with them my future triumphs and heartaches. But mostly, I still wish that I would see them again some day, that we would be able to transcend the distance, the prolonged absence, the changes that had happened, and go back again to what was comfortable and familiar.

check this entry again. I was finally able to do something I haven't done for a long time. =)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


UST did it! They won five in a row! Woo hoo!

The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe successfully defended their crown in the annual UAAP Cheerdancing competition, winning for the fifth straight year. Woo hoo! [sorry for being Taylor Hick-ish today, but damn! Sobrang woo hoo talaga!]. FEU was the surprise second and UP placed third, which was some accomplishment considering they only had 1 month's worth of preparation.

Man, wasn’t that an awesome performance by Salinggawi?! Clean, seamless execution of their pyramids, lifts and tosses, not to mention catchy floor routines. And the dancers have a way of making their moves look easy, and they have this swagger that seem to say, “hey, look at us, we’re running away with murder!”. Or, more appropriately, we’re running away with our fifth straight crown! Yeah!!!

Due to the change in rules this year, the performances of the schools are more focused on the technical side than on the dance routines. Which made me more confident about UST’s chances because Salinggawi has always been the trailblazers when it comes to difficult stunts. I also applaud the organizer’s decision to scrape the sponsor cheer this year because, really. That one had always been an unpopular feature.

My prediction was a bit off. I had UST at first, then Adamson and UP. FEU were also good, there’s just this matter of them looking like bugs in their uniforms. And this one: “Tamaraws are afraid of nothing. Nothing!” Well, aren’t tamaraws staple food for Tigers?! Hahaha. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I just hope the bitterness of the previous year's competition will not be repeated this year.

The Salinggawi Dance Troupe rocks! I hope the next thing me and my alma mater will be celebrating is the Men’s basketball team’s trip to the Finals!

Friday, September 8, 2006

My Celebrity Look A Likes - Really?!!

This is a proof of how unproductive I am right now... I really can't see my resemblance with Michelle Williams and Rachel McAdams, can you?

Just to check how the 'test' would turn out if I'm in glasses:

Sara Michelle Gellar? Yeah, right.

Friday's Feast - Feast 110

Name 3 things you are wearing today.

I’m wearing a pair of flesh colored shorts, brown sleeveless top and silver earrings. Of course, I’m wearing a smile because I’m still on vacation. :p

Who was the last person you hugged?

I’m not really the huggy type of person, so the only person I could hug without really feeling embarrassed about it is my nephew.

What do you like to order from your favorite fast food place?

Right now, my fave is McDonald’s McShaker fries and McFloat. I also love their hash browns. At Wendy’s, it’s Bacon Mushroom Melt and Frosty. At Jollibee, it’s their Burger steak and Palabok. The only fast food spaghetti I eat is from Greenwich.

Main Course
What time of day do you usually feel most energized?

Although I’m not exactly a morning person, I need a lot of energy in the morning because my work requires me to be productive during those times. But if it’s Friday, expect me to be bursting with energy in the evening, as my body is already looking forward to the weekends.

Using the letters in your first name, write a sentence. (Example: Sweet unusual spaniels are nice.)

Well, this one’s hard. The rule doesn’t say the sentence is supposed to make sense, does it?

Justify every love assumed.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Wish You Were In The Final 4...

... instead of egocentric Dilana. Damn, why did they eliminated Storm?

The Bottom 3:

Storm - when she said she's singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", I thought, "she knew she's going home". And yeah, I got all sorts of excited because I love this song! And I'm glad she was able to sing such a beautiful swan song. Seeing Jason teary-eyed got me teary-eyed, too. And then Storm was also crying and she said it's for her mom and I go aww... Don't do this people! You're supposed to be rockers, you're supposed to be self-centered, you're not supposed to be cry babies! [except if you're emo] Okay, I'm kidding. Storm's exit was classy and I wish her well on her career.

Dilana - fuck, what have you done to "I Want You To Want Me"?! You massacred it, bitch. And yeah, way to make everything all about you again. I would never want you, ever. And you know what? I don't think you're going to win this. So suck it up with all your drama because you only have a week left.

Lukas - he's not going anywhere. I'm just glad it was him instead of Magni.

And speaking of Magni, glad he got the chance to sing with Supernova. Although seeing him there was the validation I needed for my opinion that he's really not a good fit for the band. Not that he's a bad rocker [because he is not], but because it's just not him.

Finale next week! Who's it gonna be? I say the fight is now between Lukas and Toby. My money is on Toby. Go, mate.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

What The What Is Wrong With Me?!

If Dilana makes it tomorrow instead of Magni or Storm, you are all allowed to blame me. I posted the wrong text codes a while ago - it should have been Rock02 for Magni and Rock03 for Storm. Rock01 is, shit, Dilana's number. I am stupid! I am! I am!

Excuse me while I kill myself a hundred times over.

I Spoke Too Soon...

My boss is asking me to call the office. Why can't he just call me instead if he need anything?!

And it's just the second day of my vacation. Can't you just let the fact that I'm on vacation sink in a little deeper before shoving me back to reality?!

Okay, okay, I'll call now. Geez.

I Am Enjoying My Vacation and I Am Enjoying Rockstar Freakin' Too Much!

First things first: please, please vote for Magni and Storm until 1:30pm today. To vote for Magni, text Rock01 and send to 2910, and for Storm, text Rock02 and send to 2910. Text message costs P2.50/message, though, but it's for a good cause. I'd rather see Magni and Storm personify coolness and maturity on and off stage until the finale than woe-is-me Dilana. So please, people, vote!!!

On to the show:

My first impression of Magni was that he was a bit uptight and serious, but each week he showed his goofy and witty side and I become a fan. That being said, I can't believe he thought 90% of rock songs are comprised of the same words and clichés. Magni, my dear, I hope you were joking on that one or you better stop listening to Simple Plan and Cueshe. Magni was quite good in "Back In The USSR" though his original was kind of forgettable.

And speaking of originals, Dilana's sucks so baaad. And I can't believe she really wrote a song that bashes the fans. Really witty, girl. And Control-Alt-Delete?! WTF was that?!!! I hated how she argued with Lukas over "Behind Blue Eyes" and say that she deserve to sing the song because the lyrics are similar to what she's going through. Duh. Self-absorbed much? Yeah right, sing a song because it's all about you, never mind that you even haven't heard it. Sounds like a country song, huh? Paul of the House Band was right to criticize you and I just shouted "Hell yeah!" when he uttered, "she's approaching the song from a position of ignorance." Go Paul!

I like how Lukas rearrange "Livin' On A Prayer". He's starting to be quite charming, too, since he started showing his sense of humor and giving props to the other contestants instead of just sitting there and looking bored. I like Lukas now, but there's just the problem of him mush mouthing the songs he's singing. How hard is it to enunciate properly?

Storm was awesome on "Suffragette City" and even awesomer [is that a word?!] on her original "What The Fuck Is Ladylike" [or the PG version, "What The What Is Ladylike". I don't want her to win this thing, I just want her to make it until finale. Better her than crazy Dilana.

I think Toby might just win this thing. I think Lukas and him are the better fit for the band. His version of "Mr. Brightside" was just okay, but his original was catchy - and in the same league as Supernova's "Hey hey yo yo" song. You know they want to sing Toby's song!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Bibitiw Muna Ako Sandali...

You know I love me some Sponge Cola, right? So please don't lash out at me when I say that their new single, 'Bitiw'...

I didn't like it.

It sounded like the song was written hoping a TV network would pick it up as a theme song for their super hero telenovela. Please, Sponge Cola, I'm begging you, don't go there. That is Shamrock's territory. And I tell you, you're much better than that.

Anyway, I'll still get a copy of their new album. I'm pretty sure it would be good. I am hedging my bet on how good their debut album was.

Where Is Jela?

I'm so going to miss my little corner at the office...


I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation...

Sunday, September 3, 2006

How Do I Love Magni? Let Me Count The Ways

How can you not love this guy?

I Friggin' LOVE My Job!

[and if you get the sarcasm behind that, you friggin' love your job, too.]

I am stressing myself over my forthcoming 7 days block leave.

Yes, you read it right. I am stressing over a long overdue vacation. What the hell is wrong with me?

Just thinking about the tasks and deliverables I need to finish before I go on leave and the amount of work that awaits me when I get back (I'm looking at you, treasury package and contingency funding plan, not to mention the new tasks I would assume when I get back) is making my stomach feel all sorts of squeamish.

This block leave of mine seem to defeat the purpose of imposing the policy. I mean, it's suppose to be a break from the job, a time for relaxation, and supposedly would help me to become a better employee [yeah, right]. But I am such a nervous wreck right now that I don' think it's doing me any favors at all. For the last time, can somebody please bitchslap me?

Hello, indifference? Can you come visit me for 7 days? You may invite tranquility to join you on your visit. I need all the help I could get to vanquish worry and stress from my life.


I was late for work 7 times for the month of August. Blast.

Not that I would get deductions on my salary (I won't) or a reprimand or anything, it's just that for the past 4 months or so, I've only been late about 2 times per month. For me, that is quite an achievement, especially since I am a slooow riser in the morning. So, it sort of breaks my heart that I am no longer as diligent as before.

Yep, winning streaks are made to be broken.

Duh. Why am I talking about work again? I'm just making it painfully obvious that I don't have a life right now.

My Fave Artists

[originally posted on August 29. Updated to include correct answers. Keep those guesses coming in!]

make sure you get it on the first try hahaha...

  • Post the names of your favorite musicians.
  • See who can guess which is your favorite song by each.
  • Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song.
  • Comment on correct guesses with a short line from the song that you like. [okay, I know it said 'short line' but I'm allowed to break my own rules!]

  1. Eraserheads
  2. Stonefree - MY STAR [bom] without my star, I feel no warmth, I raise my hand to meet the light, stare at my star till I was blind, here is my star, is it mine?... and tell me now, why did you have to be, why did you have to be so cold?
  3. Sponge Cola
  4. Nirvana
  5. Pearl Jam - BLACK [bom] and now my bitter hands cradle broken glass of what was everything, all the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... all the love gone bad turned my world to black, tattooed all I see, all that I am, all, I'll ever be... I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be the sun in somebody else's sky, but why, why, why can't it be, why can't it be mine?
  6. Gin Blossoms
  7. Dishwalla - ANGELS OR DEVILS [bom] the angels they burn inside of us, are we ever, are we ever gonna learn how to fly? the devils they burn inside of us, are we ever gonna come back down, come around? I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold...
  8. Metallica
  9. Aerosmith
  10. Vertical Horizon
  11. Stone Temple Pilots
  12. Third Eye Blind
  13. Goo Goo Dolls
  14. Matchbox 20 - IF YOU'RE GONE [jen] I think you're so mean, I think we should try, I think I could need this in my life. And I think I'm just scared - I think too much. I know it's wrong, it's a problem I'm dealing. If you're gone, maybe it's time to go home. There's an awful lot of breathing room but I can hardly move. If you're gone, maybe you need to come home. There's a little bit of something in me, in everything in you...
  15. Live
  16. Jars of Clay - FLY [bom] and I'll fly with you through the night so you know I'm not letting go, I'm not letting go. My tears like rain fill up the sky oh my love, I'm not letting go, I won't let you go... Shed your heart and your breath and your pain and fly...
  17. Fra Lippo Lippi - STITCHES AND BURNS [bom] time after time, nothing that I can do, knowing your ways and loving your ways but not getting through at all. Day after day, leaving the past behind. Coming into terms with stitches and burns, and learning to fly again...
  18. U2 - PRIDE [IN THE NAME OF LOVE] [bom] early morning, April 4. Shots ring out in the Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life. They could not take your pride...
  19. John Mayer - LOVE SONG FOR NO ONE [jen] I could have met in a sandbox, I could have passed you on the sidewalk. Could I have missed my chance and watched you walked away? I'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here...
  20. Elliott Yamin - MOODY'S MOOD FOR LOVE [bom] pretty baby you are the soul who snaps my control. Such a funny thing but every time I'm near I never can behave. You gave me a smile and I'm wrapped up in your magic, there's music all around me.

A Book Addict, Through and Through!

[originally posted on August 1. edit: I've strike out the books I now own (except for The Fifth Horseman, which I had borrowed from Bom and had finished reading). but of course, I had to add some more! ]

I’ve been giving Powerbooks and National Bookstore (or any store that sells books) the wide berth these days.

Not that I had been banned from these stores (although if I have my way, I’ll probably ask the owners myself to ban me) but I just can’t fight the mad impulse to buy, buy, buy books!

Not that buying and reading books is bad in itself, but I still have 3 books I haven’t read yet (not to mention another 3 that I haven’t really finished, and about a dozen more I want to re-read!) and I think it’s very greedy of me to buy more books I won’t be reading anyway (at the moment at least). Add to that the fact that I don’t grow money on trees and have my budget to consider.

So yeah, it kind of makes me sad that I can’t visit my favorite stores without undergoing serious battle with self-control. Oh, okay, I did went to Powerbooks last Friday but you would be proud of me because I had not bought a single book! Of course, a visit to the store means I had expanded again my list of books to buy. So far, here are the top 20 books (and I had to limit the list to 20!) that I want, want, want:


  • Artemis Fowl and The Lost Colony - Eoin Colfer
  • Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever - James Patterson
  • War Of The Words [Thursday Next series book 5] - Jasper Fforde
  • Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
  • The Satanic Verses - Salman Rushdie
  • Ordinary Heroes - Scott Turow
  • The Innocent Man [A True Story] - John Grisham
  • Porno - Irvine Welsh
  • High Fidelity - Nick Hornby
  • The Lovely Bones - Alice Siebold
  • Cell – Stephen King
  • Half Moon Investigations – Eoin Colfer
  • Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment – James Patterson
  • Eldest – Christopher Paolini
  • The Fourth Bear – Jasper Fforde
  • Haunted – Chuck Palahniuk
  • Lullaby – Chuck Palahniuk
  • The Fifth Horseman – James Patterson
  • The Poe Shadow – Matthew Pearl
  • Life of Pi – Yann Martel
  • American Gods – Neil Galman
  • The Templar Legacy – Steve Berry
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanne Clarke
  • Foucault’s Pendulum – Umberto Eco
  • The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver
  • A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby
  • Einstein’s Dreams – Alan Lightman


  • I Hate Myself And I Want To Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You’ve Ever Heard – Tom Reynolds
  • If Harry Potter Run General Electric – Tom Morris
  • Heavier Than Heaven - Charles Cross

Not included here are the rest of the Foxtrot comic compilations and treasuries I want to buy (the only thing preventing me from completing my collection is the fact that not all the compilations are available here). So far, I have this and this and this and this and this and this!

So maybe I’m way too addicted to books. But I’d like to believe (or convince myself) that this is one healthy obsession. You think?

(And now I was told that Powerbooks is on a month-long sale [and so is National Bookstore]. Blast!)

Friday, September 1, 2006

Top 5 On A Friday - Week 87

Top 5 songs that best describe your current "mood".

And my current mood is... grumpy. Totally grouchy and irritable. I need a life stat.

Semi Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind) - "I want something else to get me through this semi charmed kind of life..."

One Step Closer (Linkin Park) - "Shut up while I'm talking to you!!!" [I really, really want to say this to a lot of people]

Superproxy (Eraserheads) - "sawa ka na ba sa mga hassle sa buhay mo? ayaw mo na bang mag-isip para sa sarili?"

Lithium (Nirvana) - "I like it - I'm not gonna crack, I miss you - I'm not gonna crack, I like you - I'm not gonna crack, I killed you - I'm not gonna crack..." I'm not gonna crack!

Bent (Matchbox 20) - "I started out clean but I'm jaded, just phoning it in, just breaking the skin, can you help me I'm bent, I'm so scared that I'll never get put back together..."

Runners up:

Blasphemous Rumors (Depeche Mode)

So Little Time (Arkarna)

I Think I'm Paranoid (Garbage)

Friday's Feast - Feast 109


What are some lyrics you have misheard (such as, instead of "Getting' Jiggy With It" you heard "Kick a chicken with it")?

One of the songs with lyrics I had a hard time figuring out was Pearl Jam's Jeremy. I couldn't understand the lines "Jeremy spoke in class today...", and when I sing it, I was just mush mouthing "Jeremy smochenpasohway...", or something like that.

Another unforgettable lyrics boo boo was on Tears For Fears' Mad World. I used to sing a line of that song as "I find hard to tell you cause I find it hard to say, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had...". Eventually, I figured out that the correct line was "I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had...". Nice line, huh?

There was also this funny incident I remembered, although this time I was sort of right. I was singing a song by Black Eyed Peas: "Let's get retarded, yeah yeah..." and then a friend of mine corrected me and say that it's supposed to be "Let's get started, yeah yeah...". Turns out there were two versions of the song.


What is worst movie you have ever seen?

I've seen a lot of really bad movies but I can't remember most of them [because I've probably buried the memories at the deepest recesses of my brain]. The one that first pop to my head, though, was Megiddo [or something]. It was a bad, bad B movie, but it was the sort of bad that you just laugh at afterwards.


Using the letters from your favorite number, write a sentence. Example: Tomorrow has really easy experiences.

Every idiot gets his trouble. (does that even make any sense?!)

Main Course:

What was the most interesting news story you have heard this week?

Although I have read about it some time ago, the formal decision to remove Pluto's designation as a planet was one of the most interesting news I've read in the last few days. Add to that the proposal of Commissioner Noli Eala to make slam dunks worth 3 points. Nice move, commissioner. Not. [I'll explain this in another post.]

[sidebar: frankly, I hate reading the news these past few weeks, especially with regards to the oil spill in Guimaras.]


Which word(s) would you choose to describe your wardrobe?

Comfortable. I guess that's it. I'm not really a trendy person, and excepting the clothes I wear for work, I'm the t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, sometimes bordering on the tomboyish.