Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shell Cottage

This picture just made me a very happy fangirl:

This picture was from the Shell Cottage filming for the Deathly Hallows movie. The presence of Helena Bonham-Carter means she’s shooting the scene as Hermione impersonating as Bellatrix Lestrange AND HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Ron was in some kind of disguise which look hilarious. Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick) was also at the shooting, only this time he’s portraying Griphook.

I’m excited beyond words for the HBP film this July, but the excitement for the last two movies is now catching up whenever I see pictures and news about the shooting. Now I just have to pray to the HP deities that Gary Oldman be included in the Deathly Hallows film, however brief his role was in the book.

(Pictures from celebrity-gossip.net)


jen said...

I'm so excited na din! For all the three movies! Saw this pic in justjared.com yesterday and I forgot to tell you about it! It's a date ha! :P

Jela said...

I saw the pics at ONTD but I was in a hurry so it didn't register immediately. Ang naisip ko lang, bakit nasa Shell Cottage si Bellatrix eh hindi naman nagpunta ang Death Eaters dun? Then I remembered the robbing of Gringotts storyline! And I was happy because it was one of the (many) coolest scenes in DH! :)

Yes, it's a date. :)