Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14 Days To Love - Kisses No. 2


From my favorite Korean drama! I want to say that this is another great FIRST kiss, but technically, it's not their first (they had 2 accidental kisses before!). This was their first kiss as a couple, though, and it's sweet and passionate and swoon-worthy. The guy, Gong Chan, is your typical responsible, very serious guy who fell hopelessly in love with his pretend-cousin, the street-smart and bubbly Yoo Rin. Their kiss was both playful and romantic, and for me, showed Gong Chan's growth as a person. The first kiss on Yoo Rin's forehead was sweet, but like Yoo Rin, I was a bit disappointed. And then he pulled her close and really kissed her! The best part was that pause, with their noses touching a bit, long enough for him to whisper "saranghae" (I love you), and kissed her again. *swoons* I'm a pile of goo after watching that and even after rewatching that scene, I'm still kilig.

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