Saturday, December 4, 2010

Your Love Don't Cost A Thing!

The Top 3 Christmas Gifts To Give Me That Won’t Cost You Anything

I could never make that sound more appealing than it already is. A chance to make me happy this Christmas, and it won’t even make a dent on your battered wallet!

But – and you should know that already, there is a catch. Nothing is free, there is ALWAYS a catch. In the interest of full disclosure, this list comes with that catch, and I’m sure you, my friends, are smart enough to deliberate the trade offs. Catch vs. the chance to make me happy. Shouldn’t be a hard choice, right?

1. Movie poster for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 – not just posters you can buy at the bangketa, but those big posters they use in cinemas.

The Catch: You have to use your charm (and probably connections) to beg cinema management to hand you over a movie poster. But c’mon, they just throw those away after a movie was shown, right?

2. Download The Amazing Race seasons 1 to 17.

The Catch: Technically, it will not cost you anything, if you’re using unlimited broadband or DSL connection and you will only download on your net surfing time. But we’re talking about 17 seasons here, with an average of 12 episodes per season, so better start downloading soon! If you haven’t seen the show yet, then it’s finally a chance to watch the best reality show in the world.

3. An introduction to someone (who’s cute, nice, charming, witty, plays basketball, plays the guitar, reads books, tall, etc, etc.) – intro lang, how hard could that be?

The Catch: I know you guys. Unless you’ve been lying to me all these years, none of you has a friend/officemate/brother/cousin/second cousin/knows someone who knows someone that I would be interested in or I should have met him already!

21 Days to Go Before Christmas! :p

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