Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Damn Rule 34

Apparently there's a photo of a wildly successful young Hollywood singer/actress, uh, doing something to someone, circulating the interwebs (I don't want to say her name because I don't want this site to appear in google searchesby perverts). I'm mentioning it here because after that video scandal a few weeks ago, I’m curious to see how this controversy plays out.

I doubt there will be a senate inquiry or its equivalent (there's no election coming up in that side of the globe), but who knows? It’s mostly still an internet hot topic and I’m not sure if larger medias have covered it in the US, but there’s a statement already from the actress’ rep saying it’s a fake. The hot debate in the lj comm I frequent is mostly on its authenticity, though there’s the occasional request for copies of the picture from those who missed it. I have to admit I was curious as well (I only found out about the news this morning and missed the initial post which has been since deleted), but remembered that the actress involved is only sixteen and still a minor and… yeah, really squicky (not to mention, it’s a felony). Still, it didn’t prevent some people from acting classy, tweeting stuffs like, “I hope you can suck bleep better than you can sing”.

There’s also the question of why (if the photos are real) she would even photograph herself in such a compromising position. Sure, she’s sixteen, not exactly the age when people act maturely, but she’s a popular star (and one who’s also marketed to kids and teens). Like it or not, people will always look and demand for their dirty stuffs. Why make it easy?

Which begs the question - why would other people, famous or not, who are older and who should know better, allow themselves to be photographed or videoed during their most intimate moments? I guess that falls squarely under Rule 34. So, yeah. Don’t expect scandals to go away that easily.

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MakMak said...

OMG. It's that Cyrus girl!!! Skank. :P