Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Twu Wuv

I was actually searching for youtube vids for So You Think You Can Dance (Digression. It seemed a lot of vids from SYTYCD were taken down because I can't find some videos I never had trouble finding before. I have the same problem with AI-related vids. End of digression.) when I found this video:

Pacey is so much LOVE. If I have to describe my ideal guy, I would say season 3 Pacey fit the bill. And yes, I love the story arc for that season. I love how they build up Joey and Pacey's relationship, I love the foreshadowing and I love that it didn't feel rushed or contrived. There are some scenes between the two that I like which were not included, but overall, this fanvid managed to capture their love story.

Okay, mush moment over. Time to go back to my youtube, uh, researching.


k a r e n said...

Don't worry, you are not alone my dear.. I am a huge Pacey lover too.

Steve and I were watching He's Just Not That Into You last night and I kept telling Steve that Alex (played by Justin Long) is my guy. I liked the character that Ben Affleck played too (I forgot his name) but Alex is probably who I would fall for.

Jela said...

Aawww... I know. :)

Maybe I should watch He's Just Not That Into You. You got me curious! :)

Jela said...
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