Sunday, April 1, 2007


I had been secretly married for 5 weeks now and none of my family and friends know about it. I think now is the time to come clean.

I made a monumental mistake. And now I'm leaving him.

I was caught under his spell. He made me feel loved and protected. I was happier than I ever was. He was the knight in shining armor I've waited for my whole life.

Everything felt so good, so right. There was no time to tell people about him. I've only known him for two months before we got hitched. I was reckless, madly in love. I should have known better.

He betrayed me. I caught him seeing someone else. He was seeing another man.

I was shattered. My heart has been crushed, broken, trampled upon. Funny how I can feel so much pain in that place that has been left hollow, the place where he used to be. I wish I've never known his smile, his smell, his embrace, his kiss. I wish there's an end to all this pain.

I wish he would die. Slowly. Painfully. The way my heart died.

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