Monday, April 23, 2007

Winter In Manila

Karma sure has a way of shutting up my streams of complaints about how terribly hot this summer is.

Since last night I was having chills. Chills, damn it, chills. During the hottest summer in the Metro.

While the weather hasn’t been really fun, beating the heat by being sick is not the way to do it. Maybe taking a bath twice a day wasn’t such a good idea.

I woke up around 2 in the morning shaking profusely and thinking, “there has got to be some mistake!”. But nope, there wasn’t any mistake. Bigla kong pinatay ang electric fan, nagsuot ako ng pajama at nagtalukbong ng kumot dahil sobrang ginaw na ginaw ako. What’s weird is that I have this sort of conscious, sort of going-into-dream train of thought that I was living in an alternate reality (blame it on Back To The Future, Part 2, which I rewatched earlier that evening). I keep checking my watch and my celfone and I seemed to be pretty convinced that both clocks are at least an hour late! Heat and fever has a way of addling one’s brains.

The office isn’t exactly conducive to my current state. The only thing I look forward to when going to work was that at least I am in a really cold environment, but right now all I want is to go anywhere where there is no aircon or electric fan. I am wearing a coat and a shawl, for goodness’ sake!

I hope I get well soon. And I promise to reduce my complaints about the weather to a bare minimum. Brrr!!!

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