Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tan Tananan!

I am so white.

Okay, just to clarify: I'm perfectly fine with my complexion. But it's summer - heck it's already the middle of May! - but my color's still the same!

Although, sadly, unfortunately, I don't really tan when I'm exposed to the sun. I just get red. Worse still, I develop allergies. Uubra kaya yung mga self-tanning cream sa akin?

Well, I still have the summer outing to look forward to. And another trip to Enchanted Kingdom. (Let's cross our fingers that I'll continue to be healthy, okay?) I need to accept the fact that I'll never tan during summers. And that my lack of melanin might cause skin cancer.

Hahaha. I kid.

1 comment:

Bom said...

Ay nako, people will kill to have your color, ano ba??

Pero tara beach tayo! :)