Friday, June 1, 2007

Mix Tape 001: Break Up Songs

Finally! FINALLY! My first ever mix tape! I’ve posted about this challenge ages ago but have not gotten around to doing it for one reason or another (read: katamaran).

The rule is pretty simple: you make your own rules! My own rules are pretty simple: each tape or category will have a maximum of 15 regular tracks and maximum of 3 bonus tracks, so that each mix tape will have no more than 18 songs. Only one song per artist per mix tape. The songs will not be arranged to show my least favorite to my most favorite; rather, the arrangement is all about finding the balance of a catchy opening, a tight middle and a dramatic ending. Well, the last rule is the ideal, but could be waived depending on my whims.

Now, to make things interesting - I need your participation in this. You can either add songs based on my category or you can suggest other category for my next mix tape through the comments section. Or, the best part: start your own mix tape challenge and tell me about it! It’ll be a really, really cool read (not to mention the chance to listen to other’s choicest songs!), so don't forget to leave a link also to your site.

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This mix tape – with the working title "Love Can Be So Boring: A Collection of Break Up Songs" – is made up of my most favorite break up songs. Well… the word “favorite” here is a bit problematic, especially since it’s mention in the same breath as “break up”. Because, really? Does anybody here have a favorite break up experience?

I guess my main criteria here is that I chose the songs I refused to listen to when I was in my break up mode. (well, not all of these songs, but I did refrain from listening to some songs, not just those awesomely mushy songs but very specific songs, if you get what I mean) Break ups are hard enough without one going through the experience of listening to some dude or dudette wailing about how their hearts have been mutilated and castrated by their former lovers (though in a more lyrical and expressive manner).

On the other hand, listening to break up songs can be a sort of cathartic experience to a broken heart. What better way to understand the things you are going through than to listen to another person’s own experience. When you get to hear those songs that truly express all that you’re feeling, better even than you could have done yourself, is one of those highs at such a low point in your life.

After all, a break up is not all about shattered hearts and broken relationships, it’s also about learning from your previous relationship, it’s about finding courage and hope despite the pain, and rising above the ashes of your failed relationship – to make the next biggest record about how your heart have been mutilated and castrated by your former lover/now certified asshole/bitch ex!


Enough of my ramblings! Let my list do the talking!

Life Can Be So Boring: A Collection Of Break Up Songs

  1. Black (Pearl Jam)
  2. You Oughtta Know (Alanis Morrissette)
  3. Deep Inside Of You (Third Eye Blind)
  4. The Reason (Hoobastank)
  5. The Hardest Thing (98 Degrees)
  6. Barely Breathing (Duncan Sheik)
  7. Song For The Dumped (Ben Folds Five)
  8. Incomplete (Sisqo)
  9. Kapag Nawala Ka (Stonefree)
  10. Don’t Love You No More (Craig David)
  11. Someday We’ll Know (New Radicals)
  12. Best I Ever Had (Vertical Horizon)
  13. Tuloy Pa Rin (Neocolors)
  14. Invincible (5ive)
  15. If You’re Gone (Matchbox 20)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Broken Vow (Lara Fabian)
  2. Come Around (Rhett Miller)
  3. Jeepney (Sponge Cola)

(Listen to the playlist here.)

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