Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To Whom This May Concern

A break from all things Harry Potter (Well, not really. Sorry, can’t help it!). Nicked from Bom.

- Write something about/for fifteen DIFFERENT people.
- You can NOT (read: NEVER) say who they are.
- If someone asks you which one is about/for them, you are NOT to tell.

  1. Can we please move past this “ngitian kapag nagkakasalubong” stage?
  2. I’m normally a talkative person, but with you, I’m able to grasp the concept of “companionable silence”.
  3. It’s okay that we don’t always know the answers. Stop worrying.
  4. You don’t understand me the way you think you do.
  5. Good to see that you got your priorities right this time. Study harder!
  6. You’re nice and all, but continue expecting us to adjust to your needs and I’ll give you a mighty kick in the shin.
  7. It kills me to see you consciously commit this big mistake.
  8. I miss your text messages. I wish you would realize that just because some things about me are different now, it doesn’t mean that I am, too.
  9. You’re one of the strongest persons I’ve ever known.
  10. I’m glad we’re okay.
  11. You’re kind. You’re magnanimous. You’re smart. You’re great. Now stop congratulating your ass and start looking in front of the mirror to see how exceptionally wrong you are. Especially on the third one.
  12. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
  13. Sometimes your voice annoys me so much I want to bitch slap you.
  14. I wish I could really like you, I really do.
  15. Why, oh, why did you have to say “Always”?! (okay, I cheated a bit. This isn’t a message to a REAL person. But I really, really have to ask this out loud! “Always” is such a romantic word for me! Snape, oh, Snape…)

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