Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Nutty Mutterings

I had my hair cut last Monday. It looked nice after a blow dry but two days after, may mga tikwas na uli! I’m not complaining, though; I like my hair now. I was advised against having a short haircut because it will make me look fatter but what the heck. I worn my hair long for quite some time already and while it made me look older, I thought that I also look boring. Well, now you know I’d rather look fat than boring. Ha.


I don’t like writing business communications. You would think that being a corporate slave this long I had mastered how to communicate efficiently. It’s not that I suck at writing business letters or emails, sometimes I just don’t like how I “sound” in those forms of communications, if you know what I mean. The way I write in my blog approximates how I speak in person (mouthy, rambling and incoherent), and that’s something that I can’t do in the corporate world (or I would have been fired a long time ago!).

Of course, over the years I’ve developed some pet peeves with regards to business correspondences I read. I understand that one has to use polite words to show respect, but too much use - “We respectfully would like to request to kindly please blah blah blah…” - is icky. Also – “As per our discussion…” – I think “As discussed…” or “Per our discussion…” would suffice. Then there’s – “Please advice.” when what the sender actually mean was “Please advise.”.

I also have a problem with “not unless”. Unless I’m wrong, I take it that some use this phrase to mean “except” or “but”, in which case, hindi ba dapat “unless” lang? Doesn’t the “not” negate the “unless? What do you think, grammar people?


Yesterday I was pissed off. Now I’m just sad.

I’ve known that kind of people all my life. You would call them sycophants or kiss-ass, but I prefer the Tagalog word sipsip. I want to believe that the sipsips of the world never really bothered me. In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter if the difference between being the third grade first honor and second honor student was a dress given as a Christmas gift? What does it matter if you reluctantly lose a few bucks so that your class can give roses to your terror Law professor on Valentine’s Day? I’ve learned to accept that being an honor student or getting good grades wasn’t always merit-based. Maybe in the real world, my work would actually matter.

Then later in life you will meet a more evolved form of sipsips and it’s really, really frustrating that not only do they get away from kissing other people’s ass, they also get ahead of everyone else. What does it matter if on their way to the top they also manage to kick others down?

Life is so unfair, and it sucks to be at the receiving end of that.


You know you’re in trouble when your 7-year old nephew is now asking you if you already have a boyfriend. Gadamnit.

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Anonymous said...

oh no! austin might have a gf already. nyayayay.. i cant wait to see your new do. wow! - mommy ketz