Friday, November 7, 2008

This is My Way of Saying I’m Back

Sometimes, you get those life-altering lessons at work that you don’t get in real life. Like this lesson I learned from an email:


We have a disbalance of Php1.00. Please check.

(names, amounts and exact wording of email were omitted/substituted to protect the ignorant innocent)

How stupid of me NOT to realize that the English translation of the word “disbalanse” is disbalance! Isn’t that the perfectly logical translation? And here I am making my whole corporate existence complicated by using difference or discrepancy when referring to uh… disbalance. Now I know – and you now know, too!


And in other news – why, hello blog! I miss you so much!

Anyway, I had to take a break from the web to study for my certification exam. Well, not exactly. I did study, but that’s not the only thing I did during my long hiatus. In fact, I pretty much did a lot of things EXCEPT study well.

Which resulted to me pestering my friends with text messages whining how I’m not getting any studying done because of they-know-what-and-who and how I’m going to flunk my exam.

But – yey! I passed the exam! Despite the pressures and my self-doubts, I still got good results. And that’s thanks to my friends’ prayers and constant encouragement.

Now that the exam is over, and as I start to make some changes in my life, I hope to still make this blog my witness to my various addictions and misadventures. Sana regular na din ang update ko!


What made me happy today: hearing Arashi’s “Wish” being played in Tokyo Tokyo! That was the first time I heard an Arashi song from a source other than my iPod and it made me so giddy! I’m so mababaw.


MakMak said...

Good good that you're back. :P


Anyway, remember this:

I'll respond with something random about you:
You like Post-its.

I'll challenge you to try something:
Drive us to Tagaytay.

I'll pick a color that I associate with you:
Purple. Post-its. Again. Haha.

I'll tell you something I like about you:
We share the same passion for music, in general.

I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you:
Well your eyes were indeed a bit blurry when I first saw you. Haha. But you were cool, remember our first topic was about alternative music?

I'll tell you what animal you remind me of:

I'll tell you something that I've always wanted to ask you:
Why is Chris Brown "prettier" than Rihanna?

With a letter I assign to you, you must write ten things you like that begin with that letter:

If I do this for ü, you must in turn post this on your blog. Hihi.

oliboy said...

should it be "imbalance"? hahaha!

Jela said...

Hi Mak! That looks.. familiar! Hahaha! Will try to answer later. :)

Hi Oliboy! Hmm.. parang hindi yata maganda pakinggan hehehe..