Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Birthday Survey

Not exactly a birthday related survey, but I can't think of anything to write for today.

90. First off, what is your name?
- Jela

89. What did you do last night?
- Countdown my birthday by playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on my brand spankin’ new Nintendo DS Lite (gift from my bro!) till about 1am. I suck at Quidditch!!!

88. Do you have a friend with the opposite sex that you can talk to?
- Yes, but they seem to be missing in action lately.

87. Do you have any siblings?
- 4, all boys.

86. Where are you exactly?
- Living room. I’m on vacation!

84. What does the 7th msg in your inbox [cell] say?
- It’s a long forwarded message:
“Pain is when you can’t breathe even if your chest still rises and falls.
Sadness is when you look out the window and think the rain are your tears.
Loneliness is when your still feel a hand touching yours even if there’s none.
Desperation is when you wait for someone that never comes.
Love is when you experience all those things and still open your heart to that someone. :-i
From: matt

83. Who is the closest person next to you?
- My youngest brother. He’s sleeping on the sofa.

81. Where is your mom right now?
- Out in front of the house.

80. Do you have any kids?
- None.

79. Who is the 5th person on your missed call list?S
- Some client.

78. What is the closest black object to you?
- PC Headset.

77. Closest silver object?
- Wireless ADSL2 and Router.

76. Would you go back in time to change anything you've done?
- Probably, but I can’t think of a specific action that if changed, would really lead to something better for me or for everyone else. There’s always the bigger of risk of it turning for the worse.

75. Do you sing in the shower?
- Yes. I dance, too. But you probably don’t need to know that.

74. Are you wearing socks?
- Right now? Nope.

70. If you could kill someone, who would it be?
- Some random girl in our FX terminal. Di ka kagandahan, kaya umayos ka. Nakanganga ka pa pag natutulog sa FX.

69. What are your fears?
- Aside from spiders and flying cockroaches and falling hair, right now I’m just afraid of losing the people I love.

68. What do you hear right now?
- Mugglecast’s podcast.

67. Do you like kangaroos?
- Not exactly. Just some random animal I looked at the zoo.

66. do you like steak?
- Not that much.

65. What are you wearing?
- Pink top and denim skirt.

64. Who was the last person to comment you?
- Mark, greeting me happy birthday!

63. Do you sing?
- I love singing!

62. Screamo or Country?
- Screamo isn’t entirely good and I’m not a big country fan either. No deal.

61. Rock or Rap?
- If I can choose both, why not? But of course, it’s rock.

58. Who did you call?
- For today? No one yet.

57. Was your last Valentine's Day nice?
- Yes, but also very stressful because I was attending a Certification Program that time.

56. What are you doing now?
- Answering this meme while listening to podcast and reading text messages from people who greet me on my birthday!

54. Would you die for someone and who?
- Yes, for the people I love.

50. Do you have to pee right now?
- Nope. I got a high threshold for not-needing-to-pee. And you probably don’t need to know that, too!

49. What did you dream about last night?
- Curiously, it’s one of those days when I don’t remember my dreams.

48. What will you be doing tomorrow?
- Sigh. Work.

44. Bed sheet color?
- Printed with blue as the dominating color.

39. Can you do a cartwheel?
- I used to. I haven’t tried it for ages.

38. Do you own a pogo stick?
- Never had one. Is it already late to own one?

36. Ever gone a whole day without eating?
- Yes.

35. Do you own ripped jeans?
- Yes, but not the deliberately ripped ones. Just the ones that got ripped from constant use. I still like them.

34. What makes you mad?
- When people try to put one over other people, and get away with it.

32. Are you jealous a lot of the time?
- Sometimes, but not as much as I used to be.

28. Do you own any big sunglasses?
- Yes, but not big big.

27. Who can make you laugh during the hardest times?
- Most of my friends – and that’s why they are my friends!

21. Who do you wanna be with?
- Gary Oldman.

20. Favorite season?
- Summer.

19. If your best friend was killed right this very instant, what would you do?
- I would kill the killer.

18. Do you like 80's movies?
- Yes! Even 80’s music hahaha…

17. Know any celebrity?
- Personally? None.

16. Ever encountered a shark?
- Not yet.

15. What kinda movies do you like?
- I think movies that blow up buildings and cars and people are soul enriching, don’t you? I also like movies that feature dumb, nerdy guys or anti-hero type guys as the leading man.

14. Who was your last call?
- My mom.

10. Do you miss someone?
- I’m not exactly pining for someone right now.

9. Are you sad about it?
- Sad that I am not missing someone? Not really.

7.Favorite time of day?
- If it’s a work day, the time when I start to tidy my things before going home.

6. Have you ever licked someone’s cheek?
- Hahaha!

5. Watch all the Spiderman movies?
- Haven’t gotten around into watching the last one.

4. Do you like someone?
- Yes.3. What are you looking forward to?My birthday dinner tonight! And gimik with friends! And my bonus! And my vacation!

2. Do you like haunted houses?
- Who the hell likes haunted houses?

1. Do you want to get married?
- Yes, but it has to be to the right person. I want to settle down, but I won’t settle.


Bom said...

Eto panalo:

21. Who do you wanna be with?
- Gary Oldman.

Direct kung direct to the point! :) No settling na ba for less?

jela said...

Which is why i'm planning on moving to London! Hahaha! Meron na namang nababaliw na tao dito!