Friday, August 24, 2007


When I ask my friends “What is your first impression of me?”, chances are, they will say that I am suplada at mataray.

The problem is, even after spending time with me, I am still described as such! Okay, so it’s somewhat true, but it’s exacerbated by the fact that I tend to sound more masungit than I intend to and it’s making me feel a bit insecure. Do people think I am unfriendly and unlikable because they think I’m mataray?

Some of my statements would come out wrong, sounding bitchy or snooty or argumentative without meaning to. Is it my voice? My facial expressions? My body language?

Will I ever be described as sweet and malambing? Will there come a time when people would think of the first word to describe me and that word would be “nice”?

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Bom said...

I think you're sweet and malambing. Just really not on the first encounter :) Hehe.

Pano ba... Parang most of the time, you say things matter-of-factly. Like, when we first met, you said "Hello." Yun lang. I'm not saying there's something lacking in what you said, but it's just the way you are. Upfront and umm, matter-of-factly talaga.

Don't worry, I get mataray comments all the time too :)