Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maou Is The Evil's Name For Awesome

I'M DYING. I'm just dying. I'm dying over the awesome that is Maou and I'm loving every minute of it!

The following events happened in the first 14 minutes of episode 9:
- Souda got beaten up while Kasai stood in the sidelines
- Kasai told the goons to give him the pleasure of killing Souda and deciding to spare his life at the last minute
- Kasai ended his affair with Toma's sis-in-law
- Toma's BROTHER killed Souda! He even left evidence to frame Kasai.
- Ohno went to the crime scene and called Toma USING SOUDA'S PHONE without speaking to let him realize that Souda is in danger
- Finally! - the confrontation scene! Toma punches Ohno! Toma screams at Ohno to tell the truth! Ohno admits the truth while smirking that evil smirk! Toma and that tear drop! MAJOR EPIC WIN!

I swear - not even 24 can pack that much kick ass in one episode.

I was flailing all over the place over how fucking amazing this episode is, how totally brilliant and ruthless Ohno's scheme this time, how much I can feel Toma's anger and guilt and hopelessness and Shiori's pain! And Ohno's pain for causing Shiori's pain! This show is absolutely killing me!

You know, it's amazing how much I crave for new episodes, and how desperate and edgy I become even after getting that new episode! Then I realize that there are only two more episodes left and I just... I just can't begin to describe how torn I am between wanting to see the conclusion AND not wanting this show to end.

It's not even JUST the series that I'm raving about [the series ITSELF is so rave-worthy]. I like over-analyzing and this series is making me do that so much! The whole "line between good and evil" stuffs keeps messing with my head and this series got so much gray in it. Like, for this episode - the only decent guy in the series, when the means presented itself, was the only guy to have killed in cold blood. I can give more examples but this was just so glaring and unexpected and I LOVE IT.

I'm totally incoherent, am I not? I love this show so much.

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