Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arashi For Dream!

My pimp post about Arashi is BEGGING to be written – especially after I read the translation of their latest TV guesting and… damn. This boy band is too retarded and too full of crack and I love them for it!

Their retardery, especially Sho’s, couldn’t come at a better time as I find myself suddenly attracted to this boy (my previous crush was Matsujun. I still like him and all but I’m very much attached to Sho right now!). I mean, what’s not to like? Sho is good looking with a hot body to boot, he’s an awesome rapper, he has a degree from Keio University (considered an Ivy League school in Japan) (and he got his degree while STILL in the band!), and he’s a weekly newscaster for News Zero. Beauty and brains, he clearly is.

And then he and the rest of his dorky bandmates went on NATIONAL TELEVISION and talk about how an old man at a massage parlor in Shanghai, flipped Sho’s bleep bleep upwards to scrub… what needs to be scrubbed on that area. *dies* Then proceed to demonstrate the story to the audience and to the whole of Japan. *dies some more*

FAIL. Fail, I say. (And by that, I mean win.)

Yet I still love him.

ARASHI. Throwing their reputations out of the window since 1999.

BUT – more proof of this band’s awesomeness is the actual reason for the said TV appearance (no, they don’t just go around TV shows spouting hilarious stories).

Arashi is Japan’s Artist for 2008, with two of their singles capturing the #1 and #2 slots in the Oricon year end charts! truth/Kaze no mukou e and One Love are ranked #1 and #2, respectively, in terms of CD sales. They also clinched the #10 slot for Beautiful Days and #12 for Step and Go. You probably don’t have any idea what I’m talking about but let me tell you that THIS is a huge, HUGE accomplishment because no single artist has occupied the #1 and #2 slot in a single year in Japan’s music charts since 19 years ago!

WIN. Win, I say. (And by that, I mean massive, epic WIN.)

I love them all.

ARASHI. Breaking records and creating their own since 1999.


rencalago said...

just dropping by.. looks like you've good stuff here

Jela said...

Hi Ren! Thanks! :)