Monday, December 8, 2008


So I've been marathoning Criminal Minds since my vacation leave. It didn't grab my attention at first, but I slowly developed an affection for the show. It wasn't as flashy as the other procedural shows like CSI but the ensemble cast were such interesting characters that you get to care about them as much as the mystery that they have to solve. It didn't matter that the first season finale was a huge cliffhanger because I already have a copy of the second season.

I first saw red when I realized that my second season was incomplete. I had to go to Quiapo and find a seller that has the second season that was not bundled with the first one. And for good measure, I bought the third season as well.

The second season finale was not a "To Be Continued..." episode like season one. But I got the insane urge to kick something when I realized that Jason Gideon was leaving the show! I mean, it's not like the show has not disappointed me yet - I didn't like the way the Spencer Reid arc was resolved - but still, I was not prepared for the departure of a major character.

And then I had to watch the season three finale AND IT WAS ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER AND I SWEAR I WANT TO STAB THE TV, THE DVD PLAYER, ANYTHING WITHIN MY SIGHT SOOO BAD BECAUSE I CANNOT TAKE IT! Why, why do I have to care about this show so much?! And it's not like I cannot download the season four pilot RIGHT NOW just to satisfy my curiosity but I HATE that I didn't see that ending coming when I could have just read the spoilers on the net to save me from this stupid, stupid shock.

And I keep asking myself why I watch this show ABOUT SERIAL KILLERS AND REALLY BAD GUYS AND SOMEWHAT GOOD GUYS DOING BAD THINGS when it's depressing and bleak and I wonder if I'm turning into a PSYCHO because a few months ago I get a kick out of watching Japanese guys who are into rainbows and stuffs and now I'm watching American guys talking about evisceration and mutiliation and sadism and should I take this all as a sign or something?

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