Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fivesome, Again

Five things, this time from Mak:

1. Eraserheads

Right now is not a good time to be an Eheads fan. They'll be having their Final Set this Saturday and I'm not going. Boo hoo.

Eraserheads' music was part of some of the bestest years of my life. I can write the soundtrack of my life using Eheads' songs. I looked at their discography for inspiration when I started blogging - from Tindahan ni Aling Dyela to Buttercup and Butterscotch to mylemonlime.

So, no, I'm not a big Eheads fan. *is bitter*

2. The name JR. Don't ask me why.


Fine, I'll ride along. JR is the name of one of my former crushes. You could say that he was my almost-bf, but nothing came out of it because I was only 14 years old when I met him and he was so torpe. He moved away when I was 16, never communicated until I was 18 and (supposedly) allowed to have a bf. Problem was, I already have a bf then (if only I could turn back time, hahaha...). He literally hanged up on me when I told him my news and I felt slightly guilty over it. A few months after that he called again and asked me to speak with someone who he said was his gf. I was genuinely happy for him (not to mention, relieved) but it was NOT the reaction he was looking for. So on that same phone conversation, he admitted that he's a big fat liar and that girl was not really his gf and he was just trying to get a reaction from me. Jerk.

We met again after a few years and had one of our best conversations and time together. We met again during that time when my relationship was on the verge of hitting rock-bottom. We met again and I was happy and for a moment was willing to give up what I already have (and maybe I should have, and all those stupid dramas might have been prevented. Ah, the could-have-beens). I rejected him for the second time and it's harder than the last time.

And then, he learned that I was single again and we communicated again. And then he was gone again. Sigh.

So, Mak, what part of this answer you don't like? *sticks tongue*

3. Starbucks Greenbelt 1

Place to unwind after office hours and place to meet up with friends. The place underwent a renovation last year, which was a good move since it's always full, although the additional tables and chairs in the open area make it look too cluttered.

Also, a place where most pretentious social climbers hang out to be seen. Which means "mock them" time for me.

4. MCS

The quick fix. I go there with friends to search for "want-now" dibidis, although more often than not, I fail to find what I was looking for. So I end up buying dibidis not on my list. I still prefer Quiapo.

5. Korean guys

Wait, what? Do you mean Japanese guys? Well, if you must ask, I like the lead actor in the kdrama My Girl, but other than him and Rain sometimes, I don't lust crush on Korean guys.

NOW JAPANESE GUYS are a different story. If I create a guide meter on my celebrity crushes, Japanese guys will be on one extreme of the spectrum. To use that analogy, the other end of the spectrum will be populated by guys like:

whose every ripple of muscle screams sexMAN.

Now, the extreme end of the spectrum where my Japanese guys fall will have someone like:

my Arashi boytoy, Sakurai Sho, who looks prettier as a man dressing up as woman than I am, even on my best day.

That's not to say he can't bring the sexy:

(still a long way to go compared to Hugh Jackman's Biceps Of Swoon-inducing Masculinity)

(a-also, I have a picture of Arashi's latest calendar where he is posing like a stripper, but I might be disowned by my friends if I post it here)

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