Friday, March 6, 2009

Superproxy, why don't ya just talk to me?

Francis Magalona, the Master Rapper, passed away this morning after almost eight month of battle with leukemia.

The news of his death, much like the news when he was diagnosed with leukemia, is like something out of this world. Somehow, I thought guys like him can go on forever. He was so youthful-looking, so passionate about his music, so alive, it was hard to imagine him touched by any sickness. And then, I thought, if there's someone who can fight, and fight well, and win this, it must be FrancisM.

Here's a toast and a prayer to one of my music idols. Your music will continue to live on. May God rest your soul.

Kabataan para sa kinabukasan
Oras ay ginto, gamitin ng mahusay
Dahil and oras ay walang hinihintay
- Kabataan Para Sa Kinabukasan

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