Sunday, April 5, 2009

mushines is icky... but i kinda like it

I can be a bit cynical, but it doesn't take much to warm my cold heart. Other people's love story are enough for me to believe that love actually works, even if I'm not the shining beacon of example of it!

Yesterday I read the news of Mizushima Hiro's marriage to his girlfriend. Hiro is a Japanese actor that I adore because of his recently concluded jdrama Meichan no Shitsuji (I actually saw him first in Hana Kimi, thought he was hot, but I only have my eyes then for Toma), and the fangirl in me would normally whimper "whyyy?!" when news of this kind reach me. But the interview that he and his wife did just made me go "aawww...", especially this line:

"...she's the first person who made me feel that marriage is the natural conclusion to falling in love..."

How can you read that and not fall in love with the person saying those things? I love it when people are that in love with each other.

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