Friday, January 12, 2007

Nothing Lasts Forever...

I hate breakups.

In fact, having gone through a painful breakup myself a million years ago, I hate breakups more when it happens to other people I know.

It’s just so hard to see someone going through a tough time and know exactly what they’re going through.

My officemate, who just broke up with her boyfriend, is currently crying and trying hard to disguise it. She can’t eat anything, the only thing she can take right now are alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t have to ask her to know that she hasn’t slept properly, if at all, and that she’s working hard to help take her mind off things.

It’s so easy to say to her that I know what she’s feeling but I can’t and I won’t, because I do know what she’s feeling and that the last thing she needs are empty words of comfort.

The shitty thing about it is that you know that there’s nothing you can really do about it. It’s the sort of experience that people, whether they like it or not, has to go through alone. And you know that the hurt is about to get worse – before things will get better.

I’m really not good at words of comfort and it’s hard to promise someone that she’ll be happy again soon when you know that she has to go through more pain before it happens. The only thing I can say is this:

Nothing lasts forever, and this, too, shall pass.

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