Monday, February 5, 2007

Addict Schmaddict

The stupid things a person would do to satisfy her addictions…

What sort of madness is it to stay up until 3 in the goddamn morning just to watch Season 1 of Meteor freakin’ Garden?! And to actually do that on a Monday when the bosses from NY are coming in for a series of discussions and meetings for the next two days?

That sort of madness is mine – and it comes with a really, really bad case of headache. Gosh, it hurts like hell.

But I have no regrets, because I’m so happy and so in love right now, all because of Meteor Garden! Ang babaw at ang jologs, but who cares?!

I really don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I have been dying to rewatch the series since about 4 months ago but couldn’t find the tagalized versions (I was actually late in joining the mania when it happened a few years ago, when I get to watch the reruns during weekends, and I got hooked so bad. But I haven’t watched both seasons in their entirety). The yearning to watch grew intense and unbearable last Thursday so I went to MCS last Friday to buy the subtitled copies. Mind you, the English translations were crappy, and I think it contributed more to my headache than the lack of sleep, but I still got the gist of the story. (And Dao Ming Si and Hua Tzi Lei still look all kinds of cute and hot even with the language barrier.)

Anyway, I really want to discuss the show in details (like anyone would bother reading about a, what? 5-year old TV show?) but I’ll do it some other time when my head is clearer and when the urge to go eeeee! has subsided. But I think I’m gonna start watching the season 2 later! I must really be out of my mind…

[This is actually a call for help. I’m about to lose my head (and heart and soul and being) completely over Dao Ming Si. Somebody kill me now!]


k a r e n said...

i DO NOT blame you for being addicted to Meteor Garden nor can i blame you for still gushing about it 5 years later. i am an absolute fan of it and like you, i also have Broken Vow on my iPod. crazy as it sounds, i actually own meteor garden dvds and i still have dao ming si's picture in my wallet. now who's weird? =P

jela said...

NOW I feel better! Hahaha!

The thing is, I wasn't even a fan! But watching the whole season - I now understand why the show was so popular back then. =)

Patricia said...

You make complete sense. Stashed somewhere underneath my piles of paper are my DVD's of the entire Season 1 of MG.