Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Couch Potato Ramblings

(I am finally watching TV again! Yihee!)


  1. I don’t care if he’s gay, but Oswald is HOT. Hubba hubba rawr! Ehem. He’s my new TV boyfriend (wait, does that make me, like, a lesbian?). The Chas are funny and nice, but not in a boring way. With John Vito & Jill and Kevin & Drew (who were, sad to say, really disappointing this time around) eliminated, Oswald and Danny are my favorites for this season.
  2. I hate to admit it, but I sort of like Rob and Amber right now. Sure, they’re still smug and too self-congratulatory, but they are very strong racers. Also, as much as Rob is kind of an asshole to others, he’s warm and loving towards Amber and one can’t deny that they really love each other. I’m sorry, why am I gushing over them? Did the world just flipped over?
  3. I know I should be more offended when Eric keeps on making those ‘boob’ remarks to Danielle, but I’m sort of laughing at him for being clueless about him looking like the world’s biggest jerk.
  4. Glad that David and Mary were finally eliminated. I know a lot of people like them, but this is supposed to be the All Star Edition and they’re not exactly the best racers around. They got by the last time because the Chos have this stupid strategy of being helpful to them. Even Mary admitted as much, saying how much she misses having another team to depend on. Right.
  5. I just love it (in a bad way, of course) when Charla and Mirna are doing their ‘moral high ground’ routine. If it’s them doing the scheming, they’re being witty. But when it’s the other team doing them over, they’re being righteously indignant (a big ‘yeah right’ on the righteously part). Sort of reminds me of some people.
  6. Have I said how much I am loving Oswald and Danny?


I finally saw the vid for Sponge Cola’s ‘Tuliro’ and... uh… uh… uhm…

Do you really want to hear me gush and swoon over how cute and hot Yael is on that vid? You don’t? That’s okay. I won’t mention anymore how cute and hot Yael is on the vid.


I heard that Dennis Trillo is going to release a solo album. Like, are you serious?! Dennis, how could you?

And before you start accusing me of seriously contemplating whether to buy his album or not, I am saying now, I won’t buy it. What do you think of me?

I am not buying his album. I am not. I swear. I think. Probably not…


Jen - what was the title again of Jerry Yan's song that goes something like "chanda chanda..."? =D


jen said...

That would be "I Truly Love You"... want the mp3? Hehehe...

Bom said...

Eeeww, jologs man, friends?? Hahahah joke lang =)