Monday, October 29, 2007

Dead Tired

My tatay lost in the barangay elections. I'm not really that sad about the outcome, because we still managed to place 9th in the final tally. Considering that he was a neophyte and running independently and that 3 out of the 7 who made it are reelectionists, I feel that we have done well.

But I'm just sooo tired and I just want to lie down and sleep and do nothing for the next 10 days...

But first, I need to check a few websites before I retire for bed... At para namang nananadya ang PostSecret at kelangang pag-isipin pa ko!

I hope, I hope I never have to do this!

But my problem can be summed up as:

Oh well...

And I really like this text message and I hope others can relate to this as well:

"Do not live according to the expectations of people around you... Live for yourself, and for your dreams... If you fucked up, SO WHAT? A life without mistakes is just plain crap."

Okay, I need to sleep. Next time na lang siguro ang kwento about the election happenings!

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