Friday, October 19, 2007

Narcolepsy, Part 2

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the upcoming barangay elections (take note: nagfile ng candidacy ang tatay ko at the last minute. argh! bye blissful vacation!)

Nicked again, this time from Chase:

01. Guilty pleasures?
Iron Chef, Eat Bulaga, cotton candy

02. Favorite bedtime item?
Pillows and Stuff Toys!

03. Dream careers?
Novelist or Astrophysicist or Gift Store Proprietor

04. Fantasy job?
CIA undercover agent or Wealth Manager of the rich and famous

05. If you’re not a “CFO-wannabe” you are?
I’m not exactly a CFO-wannabe, but if we’re talking about a job that’s a lot closer to what I’m doing right now and more achievable than my answers above, I want to be a trader specializing in commodity futures or fx swaps (hahaha more achievable daw!)

06. Queer turn-on?
Seriously? I was just watching Jericho last night, the episode when Skeet Ulrich was kissed by Heather. After the kiss, the way he bit his lower lip and gave the girl this look, that was some major turn-on! Okay, not really queer, but if I ever get that look after a kiss, I’ll spontaneously combust just for the kilig factor!

07. Major turn-off?
I don’t think I could ever be attracted to a guy who isn’t passionate about basketball. Mababaw, but it’s true.

08. Weird fetish?
Not weird, but I like being kissed in the forehead and cuddling my palms while we are secretly holding hands.

09. Favorite conversation starter?
Can divine predestination co-exist with free will?

10. Pettiest thing you ever cried over?

11. Hard habit you’d like to break?
Disinterest on my personal grooming. Not that I don’t take care of myself, but I have this tendency to go out without checking if my hair or face is still okay. Which almost always coincide with me bumping into a crush. Arg!

12. Virtue you’d wish to have?
Discretion. I tend to shoot myself in the mouth.

13. What you think people should never settle for?
Indifference. I just can’t stand people who don’t have any opinions at all.

14. What people should know about your driving?
That I don’t exactly enjoy driving. And that I suck at parallel parking. And that I tend to talk aloud and to myself while driving. And that I consider my talking aloud as a prelude to a simmering road rage.

15. If there is a “past life”, what is your theory?
That my “one true love” in my past life is also my one true love in this lifetime. Naks!

16. What makes you uncomfortable?
The question “kelan ka magpapakasal?”. And the unsaid but totally not so subtle implication of that question that unmarried/single = most miserable person in the world.

17. What for you is the biggest disappointment?
Not even trying.

18. When can you say that a person truly knows you?
When that person can correctly interpret my silence.

19. What do you think defines a person’s character?
His capacity to love, the choices he makes and his ability to take full responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

20. Three things you’d let the person you like have?
Time, faith and affection. Why am I being a romantic all of a sudden?!!

21. Happiness or contentment?

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k a r e n said...

I love your answer for #9. I think about that all the time!!