Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol: Predict The Boot Order!

Since the Top 12 of American Idol will be starting tomorrow, I'm posting here my prediction of the order of elimination and my "fearful" forecast of the eventual winner:

12. Amanda
11. David H. (can I just say we have waay too many Davids this year?!)
10. Kristy
09. Chikezie
08. Syesha
07. Jason
06. Ramiele
05. Michael
04. Carly
03. David C.
02. Brooke
American Idol 2008 - David Archuleta

I'll change my list again on the halfway mark.

Tomorrow's theme is Beatles Week - and I'm kinda dreading it! There's just so many good Beatles songs (although the ones written by George Harrison will not be included), hence, more opportunities for shameless butchering! I hope they steer clear from the obvious choices like Yesterday, Let It Be and Helter Skelter (for the rockers daw) but knowing AI, we might as well expect these to come up.

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