Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hana Kimi Adik!

I learned that Hana Kimi will be shown locally in GMA 7 (it actually started airing yesterday). And yep, you guessed it, I’m not happy about it.

I sort of feel possessive over the show, which is irrational because I only chanced upon this gem of a series through a friend and it’s not like I discovered it on my own. But I still can’t help but feel this way which is why I’m not excited that HK will be shown to a bigger audience.

The only good thing I can think of about this development is at least some would finally understand my obsession over Nakatsu Shuichi (Ikuta Toma)… I hope. I honestly think that Nakatsu stole the show from the leading man and made an already fun show more enjoyable. I was not exactly rooting for him to end up with the leading lady (since I want him for myself hahaha) but I wished that the story didn’t just end with him giving up on his love.

This wasn’t the first time that I rooted for a secondary character (I still have my petition letter to change “Dawson’s Creek” to “Pacey’s Creek. Just kidding.) over the lead. After re-watching (again) HK last weekend and hearing a comment from my mom about the lead guy, I now realize why Nakatsu was the more compelling and interesting character.

So anyway, I was watching the show with my mom and cousin, who both have seen the show sporadically (as opposed to a certain member of our household who had seen all the episodes in one sitting, and not just once) but liked it. The scene was of Nakatsu being his usual adorable self, despite being hampered by the presence of Sano, the leading man. My cousin and I both agreed that “Kainis! Ampangit naman kasi ng bida!”. My mom then commented: “Kamukha kaya niya (the lead) si Dao (Ming Si)”, eliciting a very loud and uncompromising “NOOO!” from me and my cousin.

The point? I decided to compare the guys of Hana Kimi with the guys of my other favorite telenovela “Meteor Garden”, namely Dao Ming Si and Hua Zi Lei to make my, well, point.

(On second thought, I realize that there’s really no point to this whole post except to give me an excuse to gush over my crushes. So please excuse the silliness.)

In HK, Sano (the leading man) can be described as the silent, brooding, indifferent kind of guy, while Nakatsu is the self-assured, funny, friendly type. In MG, the descriptions were reversed: Dao, the lead, is the flashy one while Lei is the quiet guy. I don’t have anything against guys with understated personalities; in fact, in Lei’s case, this characteristic is what makes him attractive. Beneath his quiet exterior is a warm, smart and kind personality. But Sano is just quiet. And boring. All he did was sulk and brood and sleep. He’s too caught up in his own personal drama that one is tempted to give him a ladder which one can hope he will climb in order to get over himself. Nakatsu, despite his reputation as a mayabang trouble-maker, is kind and loyal. He actually started out as a selfish, glory-seeking athlete, but he changed and became a good friend to the leading lady. He has this crazy sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously which is why I would rather hang around with Nakatsu than with Sano. I cannot remember a single genuinely happy moment between Sano and Ashiya (Sano seemed to be always annoyed with everyone), unless Nakatsu was also there.

I also don’t like that Sano was rude to Ashiya. Dao, even if he was rude to everybody else, was caring towards Shan Cai. I hated him the time he hit her, but at least he was remorseful about it. I can’t make the same case for Sano even if he became protective of Ashiya in the end, he still has an awful way of showing it.

Plus there’s the fact that Nakatsu and Ashiya has tons of chemistry. They look that they’re always having fun together. And they have a way of showing how thankful they are for having one another without making it about them, Sano.

And then there’s the petty side of things – Nakatsu, even in his goofy moments, for me is still the better-looking guy. The (imagined) resemblance of Sano to Dao is because they have what I like to refer as “manly” face, striking jaw line and strong features. But damn, Dao is definitely hotter.

So that’s it. I don’t know why I’m discussing boys when most people are arguing which Hana Kimi version is better, the Japan or the Taiwan version. I haven’t seen the Taiwan series yet so I cannot objectively compare the two. For now, I love Nakatsu and therefore I love HKJ better!

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