Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let's Get It On!

Why is everybody getting pregnant?!! How 'bout me? I want to get pregnant, too! Like, when I turn 28!

Oh wait, that’s about a year and a half from now…

But I think I want to just get married – for tax purposes. Is there an idiot out there who’s willing to sign a marriage certificate for purely financial reasons? No other tie-ins involved like living under the same roof with a stranger with annoying habits, remembering dates like anniversaries and birthdays, fighting over the remote control, creating babies and feeding hungry mouths; it's only for that piece of paper that can be presented to HR.

For the small trouble of affixing your signature, you get a tax benefit of 3,840 bucks (Computed as Personal Exemption for Married Individual minus Personal Exemption for Single Individual multiplied by the maximum tax rate or (32,000 – 20,000) x 32%).

Any takers?

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