Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol Top 10

It was Chris Cornell's version, I know, but David Cook's "Billy Jean" was effin' brilliant and the best last night. I thought the version captured the meaning of the song well, better, in my opinion, than the original did. David Cook is now my second favorite contestant behind Jason Castro.

Speaking of Jason Castro, I still love the guy and his kind of music, but he's in the wrong competition. He's too laidback and understated for AI, who likes their singers melismatic and flashy and belting out. It didn't help that he sang at the early part of the show because he was immediately overshadowed by the other contestants. I would have wanted him to sing Crowded House' "Don't Dream It's Over" but the song last night was just alright.

I find it funny that Brooke was singing "Every Breath You Take" like it was a love song. Girl, it's a stalker song! I wish Michael Johns had not sang "We Will Rock You" and just stick with "We Are The Champions". His performance was good, except for the back up singers who fucked up the backing vocals. And Ramiele should have taken a leaf from Carrie's book when she sang Heart's "Alone". She should not have shouted our her way to the chorus.

My least favorite was David Archuleta because, kiddo, WTF was that song?! Who should be eliminated? Kristy for her shameless pandering by singing a song abut being an American. Bleech.

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Anonymous said...

Why Ramiele, why? Foolish girl for committing harakiri. 'Alone' should be taken off the list for nobody can ever outdo Carrie's performance.

Good thing that she's still safe for another week.