Monday, July 7, 2008

Of Fickleness, LSS and Fanfics

Define fickle:

It is when you see a pair of lovers holding hands while walking and the guy was kissing the back of his girlfriend’s hands, and your first thought was “Aww, how sweet”, followed immediately by “Damn, if my future boyfriend ever do that to me in public, I swear I’m gonna punch him in the guts”.


There’s an awesome cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” that I’ve been listening to for the past three weeks or so. It’s a live version by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright and the cover is sort of stalker-y and raw and really nice to listen to. I’ve been playing it in the office for a week and it’s my officemates’ current LSS – and they’re hating me for it! Bwahahaha!

Me thinks that the way to conquer the world is to spread my addictions.

Anyway, here's a vid of the song. The quality isn't that great but you can definitely hear the awesomeness of the song!

After almost 2 years of forsaking fanfiction, I am now again stalking the internet for my fic fix! I’m not going to mention from which fandom I’m getting my fanfics (although you probably already have a good idea), but I just want to say I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of most fanfics I’ve read. The characters stay true to the canon and the stories are well written that you can imagine it being part of the original. Even if I have the urge to write my own fanfic, I don’t think I can write anything as good as the stories out there.
Anyway, I don't want to read too much fanfics because some are just so good they sort of distort the version of the original story for me!

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