Friday, July 25, 2008

Pop Deficient

While watching Jesse McCartney’s new vid on MTV at Grilla:

Me: Mas gwapo siya kay Nick ng Backstreet Boys.
Officemate: Bakit magka-age ba sila?
Me: Mas matanda si Nick. Kapatid niya yan di ba?
Officemate: Hindi ba si Aaron Carter yung kapatid ni Nick?
Me: Ha? Iba ba yun? Ay oo nga Carter nga pala apelyido ni Nick!


While browsing ONTD, one entry has the mug shot of a woman with the caption " Which celebrity’s mom got arrested?" The clue to the answer was “I want candy”. My initial thought was: “OMG? Mandy Moore’s mom?!”

Then I click the link, and the correct answer, of course, was Aaron Carter’s mom.



Since I already mentioned ONTD, can I just say I really enjoy browsing through that LJ community? It's raison d' etre is celebrity gossip, sure, but I found it less malicious than, say, PerezHilton, because it's a community and the topics are not subject to any author's bias. The comments are really wacky and the members are bat-shit crazy, especially when there's a current fad. When the news about Christian Bale's alleged assaulting of his own mother and sister broke, there were "I Believe in Christian Bale" comments even in news that had nothing to do with Christian Bale! (the "I Believe..." was the slogan of Harvey Dent in TDK)

Another recent series of funny comments was with regards to Michelle Williams' close relationship with one of Heath's closest friend. One commenter likened Michelle to Cho, saying that he is Harry to Michelle's Cho after Cedric died. It was immediately followed by comments quoting the conversation among the trio in OoTP when Hermione was explaining to the cluless Harry and Ron what Cho was probably going though! It went like this:

Comment 1: Well, obviously, she's feeling sad, because of Cedric dying. Then she's feeling confused because she liked Cedric and now she likes Harry and she can't work out who she like best.
Comment 2: One can't feel all that and not explode
Comment 3: Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon...

It's Harry Potter, what can I say? :)

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