Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Know It's Going To End Up Like This

Ehem. I got a new blog. This isn't the same blog that I was talking about before - that one is still unfinished, damn it. I'm hosting that blog in another site and I want to do a lot of stuffs there and I'm still learning and all.

Anyway, the new blog is here in Blogger and you can see the link on my profile page. The blog is specifically created for jdramas, reviews, discussion about the actors and other stuffs. The address is http://www.tastelikecrack.blogspot.com/, just because jdramas are addicting! I have my first post there and I have fun writing it so I hope you like it. :)

Here's a sneak peak:

Just when I thought that my addiction to jdramas wouldn’t reach new lows milestones, I now download jdrama episodes myself, instead of getting it from John or from the local pirates. It is but only fitting that the first jdrama that I will review would be the first episode of Maou.

Maou is a remake of the Korean drama Mawang (English title: The Devil). It stars Ohno Satoshi (of Arashi) and of course, my Ikuta Toma (now you know why I want to see this). This is the first suspense jdrama that I’ve watched, a departure from the light hearted and funny shows I’ve already seen. I have not seen the Korean version and I have no idea how the story will go, so I’m a little glad that I’m reviewing this drama by its own merits, rather than through comparison. I’m excited!


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