Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Please Don't Worry 'Bout Me, I'm Fine

I just need to ask:

Why is EVERYONE ELSE allowed to blog about how hurt, heartbroken, depressed and BITTER they are over their break ups, but when I blogged about my own heartache (and I wasn’t even bitter!) and infrequently at that, I got called on and was told to MOVE ON more than a year after the fact?!

(Maybe this post might be misunderstood and misconstrued, but I don't care. Pucha blog ko kaya ‘to no!)

Anyway, I’m not really angry. I say all those things in mock anger. I was in a bloghopping mode today and I find it rather amusing that all the blogs I visited contained rantings about those fine creatures they lovingly call “ex” (Invariably adjectivize as asshole, jerk, two-timing, liar, etc. etc.).

Most of the blogs were specifically created as a result of the breakup. After a while, it got a bit tiring to read their stuffs because how many ways can you say you’re hurt and not become redundant? We know. We get it. The grief is unconquerable (my word; I so want to use that!), you know you have to forget and let go but you just can’t, the memories are overflowing, every tiny little thing reminds you of him, you’re so sick of love songs so sad and low, so why can’t you turn off the radio? I mean it. WE GET IT.

More interesting were the comments – and there are a lot! Does that mean mas mabenta ang mga blog na tungkol sa break ups? Maybe I should re-assess my blog… Not. Again, I just need to ask – why didn’t I get any comments from my so called friends when I was writing those stuffs?! I mean, comments like “don’t worry Jela, we’ll kill him for you” would have been helpful. But alas, nothing. You left me on my own!

Okay, I kid.

On a serious note, if there’s one thing I learned from my own heartbreak, it’s that different people have different ways of dealing with breakups. One can be whiny or pathetic or mean-spirited, one will do or attempt to do anything just to dull the pain. But don’t let your need to vent out override your good sense. Don’t write or share anything that’s too personal or that can be use against you. It’s okay to feel hurt, but that’s not an excuse to do something stupid.

No pain is too great or too deep that it can’t be healed by time and by the love of another human being. As the cliché goes, nothing lasts forever and this, too, shall pass. Trust me, one day you’ll look back at those nightmarish days and just have a big laugh about how pathetic you’ve been.

Kaya pag me nagsabi sa yo ng “MOVE ON, GIRL!”, wag mo pansinin. Sapakin mo na lang, mas masaya pa.


k a r e n said...


I think people like commenting on posts about heartache because everyone's been through it and everyone's got something to say. It's one thing that's easy to relate to kasi it's one of those "Been there, done that" kind of things.

Anyhow, I find that I write more when I am upset or depressed or sad... because it's the strong emotions that drive the words out of me. It's so much easier to vent on paper/blog when you can just write and write and write without being interrupted. It's like telling the whole world about how you feel without really appearing weird or shy about it because in the blogging world, you can easily remain anonymous if you wanted to.

It's also quite interesting for readers kasi they see a side of you that is purely emotional. kung baga they're witnessing your "emotional breakdown" hahahaha!

But yeah, sometimes after you've had your heart broken, you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say "I managed to survive 20 (or whatever age you're in) years of my life without him/her.. I think I can manage the other 50.." LOL

Anonymous said...

are you refering to me when you said "Don’t write or share anything that’s too personal or that can be use against you". is this the "tanga na kung tanga" text? hahaha!! labshu bru..

wala pa dsLite ko from babylab.. patay sa akin to...

*mommy ketzchup