Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why So Serious?

Well, why not?

Funny is overrated. The one who laughs the hardest is the one who has the most pain to hide. Or something.

Better take some things seriously. Like me, for example.

Or maybe not.


Okay, that's not really my (full) entry for "Why So Serious". This WSS business, of course, was inspired by The Dark Knight. Mark, Jen and I had this idea after watching the movie to blog about anything and title it "Why So Serious?". Since Saturday I managed to form vague ideas that more or less ties in with the WSS tag but I always lose my thread of thought. The first two lines above is my most recent idea, but I can't follow it through, so I decided to complete this post with another... well, incomplete ramblings that I wrote sometime in April.

Why be too serious about this, right, Mark and Jen? :)


I was caught by surprise when someone said to me: “Alam mo ikaw, pare-pareho yung taste mo sa movies at books, ayaw mo ng happy ending!”. It prompted a surprise reaction from me as well: “Hindi naman kasi realistic ang happy endings!”. The next comment came immediately: “Ang pessimistic naman!”.


I've always thought of myself as an optimistic and romantic person. Okay, so maybe the optimistic and romantic me is also a little cynical, matter-of-fact-ish, and unsentimental, but still. They say I’m pessimistic and don’t like happy endings like it’s such a bad thing

It’s not that I don’t like happy endings per se, but I think that, sometimes, happy endings don’t work. When I said that “hindi realistic ang happy endings” I don’t mean that life doesn’t give us opportunities for happy endings, and therefore, fiction should reflect that. Life affords us happy endings, too, but not the and-they-lived-happily-ever-after kind of happy ending.

I don’t like endings where everything is resolved too conve
niently. I don't like it when movies or books employ deus ex machina to resolve conflicts. It's such a cop-out. After all the drama and angst that the bida went through, I think he/she deserves more than a filthy rich, long lost relative to make it right.


Didn't I say it's an incomplete rambling? Anyway, this post seriously needs Nurse Joker!


MakMak said...

I love Nurse Joker. LOL. Weird but I think he looks pretty in that costume. LOL.

Jela said...

WTF?! I cannot post on my OWN chatbox! Jen, magpost ka na ha!

Kainis, it's supposed to be a gif with him mouthing "Hi!" but it won't work. I think he looks good, too. Well, I've always thought Heath was hot, so! :)