Monday, November 12, 2007

Turns Green With Envy

Bom wrote in her blog about how “galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw” and I commented there that some would say that “we hate people who we envy”.

Guess what? I just got the perfect example:

Person #1: (referring to a gay person) siya lang yung ganito dito, no?
Person #2: kasi yung iba ayaw magladlad. (followed by a very pointed silence)

And then person #1 goes on to rant about how the gay person shouldn’t expect to get respected because he acts that way (he’s the loud and gimmicky type). What he doesn’t know is that anybody who hears his rants is just dying to tell him what a filthy hypocrite he is. If I wasn't so busy trying to stop my eyes from rolling, I would have asked him what the fuck his problem is. As it was, there's no need to stop my eye roll - he's too busy congratulating himself for being the perfect creature that he is.

Shame how the biggest homophobes in this world are those who cannot admit to themselves how much they wanted to be like the person they hate so much.

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