Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cold Hearted Bitch

I got another lecture on How Not To Act When You’re Naiinis Sa Isang Tao – i.e. don’t be too obvious. In short, don’t act like me.

I hate it when I get these kinds of lectures. It makes me feel guilty for being cold, like I am the bad guy. In the first place, hindi ako maiinis kung walang dahilan. What about MY reasons for acting the way I do?

It's not as if I'm telling everybody who listens: "Boo hoo. That person did something to me. Wag niyo din siyang pansinin". My inis is my own and I never ask others to be inis for my sake. But I won't apologize for making that person feel uncomfortable because of my silences. By all means talk to her and ignore me if it will make her feel better.

Can’t I at least act according to how I feel and for once not have to care how I make other people feel?

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