Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let Them Know It's Christmas Time

Something weird happened to me last Saturday: while listening to "Do They Know It's Christmas Time?" on my iPod on the way to a seminar, I got this really heavy feeling and an insane urge to cry! (although to be honest, these days it takes little to make me teary-eyed. I wonder why...) It was weird because it was the first time that this song had this effect on me. I know that it was a collaboration of English artists in the eighties to raise money for charity, so I know that it's meant to tug at the listener's heart. It just felt different to me that time.

So I give the song a rest for a few days before I listen to it again. The urge to cry was gone but I still feel this tug in my heart. Maybe because it breaks my heart to realize that more than 20 years has passed since the recording of that song and still the problem of world hunger that they tried to address is still existing today.

But anyway, I found a way to make myself feel just a little better: I watched the song's video in YouTube and it was such a nice trip down the memory lane - seeing the young Boy George, George Michael, Sting and Bono who was just so handsome:

I also checked out the Live Aid performance and it was even better! David freakin' Bowie was there and so was Freddie Mercury! And Sir Paul McCartney!

So, 10 more days to go before Christmas. I wish for a lot of things, but now I wish we could give an affirmative answer to their question - "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"

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