Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coup Mo Mukha Mo!

(Well, it took me a while to post this...)

How NOT To Stage A Coup

  1. Hijack a Five-Star Hotel in Makati
  2. ....
  3. ...

I mean, the first time Trillanes did it in Oakwood was a "What The Fuck?" moment, but this time it was plain laughable. Was it all part of the plan? Fine dining while negotiating for their government takeover? Imagine putting terror in every citizen's heart by going straight in the hotel's bar when you can just crash the Makati Stock Exchange right across the street. Now THAT is scary.

GMA is not a good president - she's just lucky her opponents are DUMB.

Oh Trillanes. I think your issues are legitimate and I think you are charismatic and a good commander. I used to think you might be smart, too. But that was just stupid. What the hell did you accomplished? Another stint in a prison cell and probably expulsion from the Senate.

What was that saying that keeps repeating on my mind while Barias was dragging you by the seat of your pants? Something about hubris - you know, pride goes before the fall.

The tagalog equivalent is more eloquent - masyado kang mayabang.

Or more appropriately, ang kapal mo.

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