Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's time again for American Idol's Top Three wherein we get 3 songs each for the Final 3 - one picked by the producers, one by the judges and one by the contestant. If the spoilers are correct, David Cook had chosen to sing "The World I Know" by Collective Soul.


Let me say that again - David Cook will be singing "The World I Know" by Collective freakin' Soul! I never ever thought I'd be hearing a Collective Soul song on American Idol! I can't wait!

I must admit, though, I was hoping DC would sing another Our Lady Peace song. Or "Chasing Cars".

Oh, by the way, Randy chose "If I Ain't Got You" for Syesha. Very obvious and very predictable song choice. And boring. Unless Syesha would start crying again, she's definitely going home this week.

Or, the producers really wanted for David A. to win so we will have a Shocking! boot this week and Cookie will be out. Ah, conspiracies...

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