Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Traded My Sandwich For A Kiss!

Aw... I soo LOVE that line from this commercial!

I'm glad that when I was a kid, my parents let me play on the streets. Of course, I also got the usual admonitions when I got dirty or when I stayed out too late, but for the most part I was relatively free to play and explore. (I was also a bit lucky that my parents weren't too strict when it came to afternoon naps!)

I sort of understand why some parents wouldn't give the same liberties to their kids now. I guess the streets weren't as safe as before. But I just hope that they will remember how their childhoods were before and that they're doing their kids a disservice by overprotecting them. Give kids their chance to see the world for themselves.

As the commercial said: "Let them grow. Let them go." And it's not just applicable to kids, but to us adults as well!

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