Friday, May 23, 2008

Idol Cook!

Am I too late to join the Cook party? Been busy yesterday so I was not able to post my thoughts on the Final 2, but anyway, here it goes…

I cannot, cannot believe the patent shoving-down-our-throats that the judges had chosen to employ with regards to David Archuleta. They made it looked like the contest wasn’t even close! They wanted the viewers to believe that the contest is ONLY about the Final 2 night and forget whatever happened during the season. They wanted the viewers to overlook the fact that it was David COOK who had been the most consistent in dishing out great performances all season long, that it was David COOK who had taken a lot of risks with his song choices, that it was David COOK who remembered ALL the lyrics to all of his songs. But nooooooo, they had to stick to their pre-approved comments about how David ARCHULETA can sing the damn stupid freakin’ phonebook! Just stop that non-sense about the phonebook! The phonebook does not want any part on this!

Anyway, I agree that Archie was good that night, but his “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” doesn’t even hold a candle to Clay Aiken’s version. So maybe I’m a little biased because I not only got “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” but also “The World I Know”. Whatevs. Both coronation songs suck. Well, not as much as “Here Is My Now”, but still. Even Simon hated it. Can they just stop doing it, then? And whose bright idea was it to resurrect Clive Davis?

So after that blatant pimping, I sought refuge at the Sucks forum where the self-confessed Cooktards there also grumble about Cook’s treatment. Unlike me, they were able to channel their anger into good use by voting like crazy for Cook! I envy them that! They also monitored DialIdol where Cook was leading Archie by almost 10%. Wow! Could it be that Cook would actually pull this off? Of course not. Simon all but proclaimed Archie as the winner, and we know how Simon hated being wrong. Still, it felt good to have that glimmer of hope.

But when I woke up on the day of the Final results, I felt mortified at the thought that Cook I got used to my pariah-like status as a fan whose favorites have not won the competition and the thought that Cook might be my first bet to finally be crowned AMERICAN IDOL – too scary for words.

I was not able to watch the show (went to the airport to send off my brother and nephew) so I texted my friends to text me the results. Guess what? The radio in my car broke the news for me – David Cook is THE American Idol! For a moment, my reaction was “Oh, damn, I can’t believe my bet is the winner. Now I can’t make fun of the winner!”. But that feeling was immediately quashed by another emotion – joy. I’m simply happy for David Cook.

I saw the replay last night and I can’t help it – I almost cried when David Cook got emotional. He deserves to win this thing, cheese ball and all. I know Archuleta will have a good career, too. He already got a solid fan base. A few more years and he’ll grow into a handsome young man and he’ll grow more as an artist. (I know how talented he is – I was a fan in the beginning, remember? – I just prefer DC and his music more) And by then I hope he’ll get away from the clutches of his father!

Earlier, a friend replied to my text – “Cookie monster mo” (won AI). Damn right he’s MY Cookie Monster! David Cook for the win!

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MakMak said...

Still not over this whole thing. Damn. Ehehehe.

Anyway, just arrived at Maryland and I just have to brag - my apartment rocks! Ahahaha. :)