Friday, May 30, 2008

The Potter Sensation That's Sweeping The Nation


Harry prequel outline to be auctioned

For the love of everything nice, fluffy and warm, they BETTER publish the book version of this!!! I want it so bad! I know it’s for charity but why can’t they do it the way they did for the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find It and Quidditch Through The Ages?

UPDATE: They’re going to sell copies to the public! And copies of the stories of the other authors who participated, too! And J.K.’s story takes place 3 years before Harry was born! Could it be about the Marauders?! Aaahhh! I want to buy this! Will they sell it here in Manila?!!! Somebody please buy this for me!


k a r e n said...

Just curious, did you hear about the boy who got killed and he apparently plays a part in the next Harry Potter movie... I forgot his name but it's so sad.

Jela said...

Yeah, I did. He was supposed to play Marcus Belby from Ravenclaw. I think he was already in the OoTP movie. It was tragic, really.