Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happiness Might Be Fleeting, But Damn I'm Happy!

Best. Damn. News. Ever.

My certification exam has been moved from September 2 to third week of October.

*cue loud shrieks of joy and relief*

This news couldn’t come at a better time because I’m so high strung right now. My quiet desperation from the previous weeks was abruptly turned into a full blown panic mode this week when I realized that I’m running out of time.

Only 2 weeks left to study!
300+ pages to go!

When I met with fellow examinees last Tuesday, my nerves just about reached its limits.

They have notes!
They have effin’ index cards!
I only managed to sleep through the section on what constitutes material information!

So now, I can rest my neurotic self and just enjoy the long weekends! Of course, I won’t be stopping with my review (swear), but now I have more breathing room and I can study without the pressure breathing down my neck.

So wish me luck! Or more aptly, wish me self-discipline and motivation!


In other news – oh yeah, I haven’t told yet the story behind my little accident.

I totally wish that the reason behind my injury was something fascinating or awe-inspiring, but noooo, it’s plain clumsiness. My right ring finger got caught in a van’s sliding door as I was closing it. Ouch.

But dude, dit it hurt! My jeepney ride after that accident was the nastiest ever. I was puffing my cheeks and pursing my lips to keep myself from crying because it was just so painful and I can see the blood trapped behind my fingernails and it’s grossing me out. I can’t wait to get home but the ride just seemed too slow.

I had my right hand x-rayed last Monday since my finger is still swollen. The good news is that I have no broken or dislocated bones. The bad news is that there’s a wound behind my fingernail. Even if the thought of having my fingernail removed is a bit disconcerting, I want to have a surgery to remove the blood clot. My mom is opposed to the idea and assures me that my fingernail will eventually go back to its normal appearance. I’m undecided; right now I’m leaning towards the surgery but o m g missing fingernail!

Everyone thinks it’s a good thing that I’m left handed, but since I spend most of my time in front of the computer it hardly matters. It’s hard to type, especially on the numeric keypad that I use a lot. It’s also hard to do other things, like shampoo my hair or carry a tray. Being the clumsy that I am, I manage to bump my swollen finger in every surface available!

I’m probably going to spend my birthday with one fingernail missing, but I can’t complain. There are other things to be thankful for, right? Besides, injuring my right ring finger made me appreciate what I can do with two useful hands. Best not to take anything for granted!

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MakMak said...

OM F G - missing fingernail!

So Freddy Krueger'ish.