Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'll Procrastinate Tomorrow

For the past four days – in between working, cleaning my room, watching TV and DVDs, internet tambay, reading novels and daydreaming – I’ve been staring at this object:

What exactly is that, you might ask? Why, that’s my study materials for the certification exam for fixed income trader that I will be taking on September 2!

Did I mention that I haven’t read a single page of that... thing?

*sound of my head falling*

Damn. I’m in so much trouble.

The only thing I know about my study materials is that it’s thick and its words are probably highly soporific. I’ve only looked at the first page of the first chapter (Relevant Regulations and Implementing Rules, including selected SRC and OTC rules, BSP Circulars and relevant Revenue Regulations and Memorandums) after which I decided to ignore the materials first in favor of more, uh, entertaining pursuits.

So far I’m quite successful in procrastinating, but the panic is slowly building up in my stomach. I know, I need to study but what’s the worst that could happen if I don’t? I will flunk and pay additional bucks to retake the test. No, wait! That’s not an option! I will study na!

But the lure of movies and books and SLEEP is just so hard to resist...

I just need proper motivation, that’s all. After all, if I can read these much books:

Then I can read anything, right? Right?


leviuqse said...


i love reading too, pero i love to read fiction/essays

i feel like i'm dragging myself on the floor trying to read review stuff and textbooks


Camille said...

wow.. youre well read! that's a lot!
i love to read too! but im kinda always tired these days and i dont even have enough time anymore to finish reading my med books and handouts..

Jela said...

Hi Alex! I read mostly fictions, too. There are times na ok lang to read textbooks, pero the review stuffs that I NEED to read now are boooring. Puro lawyerspeak (whereas, therefore)!

Hi Camille! Thanks for dropping by! I love books!!! Kahit madami dami na din ang nabasa ko minsan I feel it's not yet enough! :)

Lately I've been busy with other things so I haven't been reading as much as I used to. As of last count, 27 of the books displayed here remains unread or partially read. :)