Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'll Never Let You Go

Since I left my iPod at the office last night, I tuned in to my mobile phone’s radio today on the way to work. It’s been a long while since I last listened to Chico and Del and dude! how I miss their Top Tens! The topic today was “Top Ten Things That Are Hard To Let Go”. It was a good topic because the answers were pretty diverse, but there are two replies that I really like.

The first answer that I absolutely can relate to is, of course, Harry Potter. I know! I just can’t let go of Harry Potter! More than a year since book 7 was released and sometimes I still can’t believe that the wait for the end was actually over. Like most fans, I’m still hoping against hope that Jo would write more about the boy wizard. I’m crossing my fingers that The Tales of Beedle The Bard will be available here, otherwise, I have some power-begging to do so that my friend abroad will buy me one!

The second answer I like had something to do with scent. The sender (I forgot whether it’s a he or a she. For simplicity let’s assume it’s a he.), said that he find it hard to let go after every dates, because the scent of his girlfriend still lingers. It’s totally aawww… and something I can relate to. There’s this scent that always remind me of someone, and each time I catch that same scent from another, it hits me hard and reminds me how much I miss this person.

Oopps… someone’s getting mushy!

And yeah, I think I need to tune in to radio more!


I meant to post something yesterday, but I’m not sure whether I really want to share it so I saved it in my drafts. Maybe one day I’ll just change my mind about it hehehe… I just want to say that despite the current pressures in my life, I found one thing that’s making me really happy now. I don’t know if I should be, but what the heck, I just am!

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